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IKEA Lets Customers Design Their Own Couches, Underestimates People’s Creativity (30 Pics)

Published 3 weeks ago

IKEA is probably the first place that comes to mind when you’re thinking about furniture. And it’s no surprise – there’s probably at least two IKEA items around you at any given time. A while ago, the company released something called the planning tool – a handy online tool that lets you design your rooms and even furniture. Needless to say, when people discovered it, they unleashed their inner designers and created some pretty creative furniture.

People on Twitter have started sharing their innovative IKEA couch designs and some of them are absolutely hilarious. Check them out in the gallery below!

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Image credits: IKEA


Image source: thejenneral


Image source: FearTheCrumpets


Image source: MeButInPogForm


Image source: Retroity


Image source: PatrickLaverick


Image source: MaxwellingtonV


Image source: TheOneTrueLX


Image source: mesakronhaus


Image source: josiahpsmith


Image source: Mrsquidgereen


Image source: bamboolean


Image source: cloudycomets


Image source: seanlacey


Image source: cloudycomets


Image source: FrankTheFox84


Image source: rudermensch


Image source: aportinair


Image source: whoopstoebroke


Image source: Donovangela


Image source: SirCarleton


Image source: itsFundex


Image source: LowPolyGiblets


Image source: saiditallbefore


Image source: MCT_art


Image source: Charlie_____


Image source: sqshytaegi


Image source: Ciphique_


Image source: postje1917


Image source: BigOldFreak


Image source: FelixOrion

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