20 People From Math Problems Spotted In Real Life

Published 5 years ago

Most of us remember the ridiculous-sounding math problems from our school days that went something like “Johnny has 200 apples and has to share them with four of his friends…”. Well, even though they might sound ridiculous, they just might be based on actual real-life situations.

People are sharing photos of the times they spotted the people from math problems in real life and they’re absolutely hilarious. It looks like hundreds of watermelons and thousands of bananas seem to be a completely reasonable amount of fruit for these people. But who are we to judge, right?

Check out the people from math problems spotted in real life in the gallery below!

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#1 The Guy My Math Teacher Was Talking About

Image source: kart51

#2 My Friend Purchased 28 Industrial Sized Clear Bags Of Cheetos. Each Bag Cost Him $65. What Was The Amount He Paid In Total?

Image source: Arttherapist

#3 Danny Has 1,496 Bananas Protecting Him From Outside Forces. If He Eats 1,369 Of Them, How Many Are Left?

Image source: Max Wark / CTV Kitchener

#4 Example From A Math Textbook

Image source: chiick

#5 I Always Wondered How Many Bananas It Would Take To Fill A Car

#6 The Moment The Cashier Found The Person From The Math Problems

Image source: zonlin

#7 I Was The Kid From Your First Grade Math Problems With 87 Watermelons And 132 Cantaloupes

Image source: rostiswag

#8 I Think About Him Every Day. Why Did He Need The Bananas? Why Did He Need The Milk?

Image source: marya-morevna

#9 Soda For 6 Cents. The Obvious Course Of Action. I Think, They Got 600 Bottles. They Are Definitely People From Math Book

Image source: HappyWulf

#10 Math Problems Never Been This Real

#11 He’s The Guy From Your Math Problems

Image source: tntien

#12 Found The Car From All The Middle School Math Problems

Image source: coIox

#13 The Man From Our Math Problems

Image source: ihatetechnology

#14 Met One Of Those Guys From The Math Problems Tonight

Image source: X1Pikachu1X

#15 This Is The Person You Learned About In Math Class: “Sally Bought 1000 Bags Of Chips”

Image source: dcanderson96

#16 A Guy Buys 38 Watermelons, He Can Take 2 In Both Hands, How Many Times Will It Take For Him To Bring All Of Them Home?

#17 If Brian Buys 2000 Bananas And Eats Half Of Them In One Sitting, How Many Loaves Of Banana Bread Can He Make With The Remaining Bananas?

Image source: thebrijam

#18 Found The Guy From The Math Problems

Image source: AlbertoBarahona

#19 I’m The Guy From Your Math Books Who Has A Ton Of Pizzas In Their Car

Image source: xxclownkill3rxx

#20 I Found The Guy From All Those Elementary School Math Problems At Walmart

Image source: Shaine_Memes

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