People Shared These 20 Posts When Asked To Show Examples Of Gatekeeping Masculinity

Published 1 year ago

Masculinity or the male ego is sometimes called fragile probably because there are too many men out there who go off spouting similar nonsense to what you will see below. While we think macho-ness is outdated and ridiculous there are some who cling to those rigid and obsolete concepts.

So when people came across someone idolizing the archaic rules this type of sub-species tends to spout, in public, they decided to share it to the subreddit, Gatekeeping which has a number of these entertaining pieces, some of which we have shared below for you to peruse at leisure just so you know what Gatekeeping Masculinity means for education and awareness purposes.

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#1 Yeah Screw Modern Safety Regulations!! I’d Rather Die An Unrecognizable Heap Of Flesh Tangled In A 2 Ton Machine Than Risk My Masculinity Being Questioned!

Image source: Hammer_jones

#2 Oh

Image source:

#3 Apparently How You Eat Your Steak Determines Your Level Of Masculinity

Image source: swissmiss1269

#4 Oh

Image source: ReachMorpheuss

#5 Ok Boomer

Image source: belaC_ma_I

#6 Imagine Gatekeeping Shoes As A Sign Of Masculinity

Image source: throwaway19191929

#7 Ever Had Your Masculinity And Eating Habits Gatekept By A Bottle Of Cheap Hot Sauce?

Image source: B-KRN

#8 So Phones Determine Your Masculinity

Image source: dtol2020

#9 My Masculinity Is Defined By My Inability To Read

Image source: altarofbones

#10 Gatekeeping Masculinity Over Hairstyles

Image source: turtletechy

#11 Gatekeeping Masculinity

Image source: BratneyBih

#12 Gatekeeping Fatherhood, Masculinity, All Sorts Really

Image source: SuperIntegration

#13 Gatekeeping Sports And Masculinity

Image source: electrastache

#14 Gatekeeping Masculinity

Image source: c0n0r92

#15 Fragile Masculinity Gatekeeping Boxes

Image source: avgaskin1

#16 This Man Has A Comic Book Character Pfp, Btw

Image source: Arizona_Raven

#17 Gatekeeping Whatever Tf This Is

Image source: bluebelle21

#18 Bones For Boners

Image source: wigglycritic

#19 Being A Man

Image source: spodonnell30

#20 Fragile Masculinity

Image source: Squirrelparty8

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