20 Thought-Provoking Answers To “What Was Actually Better In The Past?”

Published 2 years ago

We often tend to miss things more when they are gone. The true value of something is realized only after it is lost, but we can’t really go back to the past, there are just memories and nostalgia that stay with us.

When someone asked on Reddit, “What was actually better in the past?”, people shared the good things they feel nostalgic that exist no more. Check out some of the answers in the gallery below.

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Image source: ProtectorOfSol, Francois Le Nguyen

“The sky. Light pollution has destroyed one of the most beautiful sights that humans had gazed upon for thousands of years.”


Image source: ItsDominika, Mehluli Hikwa

“Gas prices.”


Image source: bbpr120, Towfiqu barbhuiya

“my knees/ankles/back…”


Image source: ThinkIGotHacked, Lesia Gant

“Weird to say, but inconvenience and boredom. I kinda miss being like, “whelp, there’s nothing on TV, I’m gonna go walk the neighborhood and knock on my friends doors”.

I primarily text and talk to friends on the phone now, it seems like an event to actually meet up. Even friends who are less than a mile away.”


Image source: Super_Analysis_9390, wikimedia.commons



Image source: brock_lee, Brett Jordan

“Fast Food. No, it has not always sucked a*s.”


Image source: cinemascifi, Hanson Lu

“Flying in general.

More seat space, meals included (and a choice of meals), actual metal utensils, luggage included, no need to get to the airport 2 hours before your flight…”


Image source: Shadow_strife, Ksenia Chernaya

“Saturday Morning Cartoons.

The late 80’s/ early 90’s heyday.”


Image source: Knorff, Anastasia Zhenina

“Freetime… life was more slowly and you had more time for yourself and your hobbies.”


Image source: Botryoid2000, Wouter Supardi Salari

“Fruit and corn. They have been bred to be sweeter and harder for transport, and have lost much of the subtle fruit/corn flavor they used to have.”


Image source: pineappledaddy, Jessica Da Rosa]

“I miss the days before social media was a big thing. Everyone would just hangout and be focused on the interactions we were currently having.”


Image source: ForgottenForce, Dinh Ng.

“Home appliances. Old ones could be dropped out of a plane and still work well. New ones break because someone looked at it funny.”


Image source: Jimbruno55, Igal Ness

“Prices vs earnings.”


Image source: 227743, Antoine GIRET

“The environment.”


Image source: Ron_deBeaulieu, Phil Mosley



Image source: PhibesIsMyDoctor, charlesdeluvio

“Being a kid…I don’t think kids today get to have as much freedom and fun as previous generations did”


Image source: fukkingapig, Pixabay

“The future”


Image source: Drizzledizzler, Kerde Severin

“People’s attention spans.”


Image source: Shoddy-Day7300, Никита Теленков

“Certain dog breeds. Imagine, pugs used to have a nose they could breath through and eyes that didn’t get infected every time they almost bulged out of their heads…
Same with shitzu’s. And imagine English bulldogs that didn’t collapse in exhaustion by even hearing the word walkies.”


Image source: tarkuspig, Jonas Leupe

“Smart phones too, Reddit is the only social media I use and still I stare at this f**king thing 5 hours a day. I know I’m addicted to it and I’d love to punt it but unfortunately it’s also my phone, my map, my camera, my tape measure, my dictaphone, my Walkman etc. etc.”

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