35 Satisfying Arrangements Of Things That Might Soothe Your Nerves

Published 7 months ago

In the chaos of our daily lives, finding moments of tranquility can be challenging. Yet, there is a unique sense of satisfaction that comes from arranging things in perfect order.

Symmetry has a way of creating balance and order, and these arrangements exemplify the calming effect of perfectly mirrored objects and patterns. From color-coordinated objects to perfectly aligned patterns, the following satisfying arrangements are not just visually appealing but may also work wonders in soothing your nerves and offering a momentary escape from life’s hustle and bustle.

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#1 After Ordering Some Shrimp, Customer Returned The Plate Like This

Image source: Antydrogas

Blue Bunny of Happiness : “That’s a lot of shrimp!”

sbj : “That’s not ‘some’ shrimp, that’s shrimp overkill”

#2 I Can’t Stop Looking At This

Image source: LadySovereign

#3 Organized Copper Piping

Image source: Noerdy

#4 My Dad Is At It Again With His Aesthetically Pleasing Crop Circle Leaf Mulching

Image source: wecancreate

LauraDragonWench : “Is he married to the woman who mowed crop circles into the lawn? Because they totally compliment each other. 😁”

#5 Carrots Stacked On A Truck

Image source: Bo33o

sbj : “Someone here really cares about their produce”

LauraDragonWench : “Beautiful carrots, beautifully stacked – well done, Farmer!”

#6 The Way This Produce Is Arranged

Image source: halesiii

sbj : “When the customers arrive this beauty will be destroyed in seconds”

#7 The Way These Thrift Store Tea Cups Are Displayed

Image source: AverageCharley

sbj : “I bet someone will come along, take a couple out, just to mess it up”

Jay Scales : “Beautiful, organic, like a sea creature….”

#8 Old Trunks And Suitcases On Custom Shelves Are A Cool Storage Solution

Image source: groups

sbj : “I want this”

Jason : “This seems like it would be more expensive to make than most of my house”

#9 The Way My Mom Mows Crop Circles Into The Lawn

Image source: heyheyhedgehog

Blue Bunny of Happiness : “So, your Mum is an alien?”

#10 I’ve Been Working In A Supermarket For 11 Years And Still Find “Facing Up” Oddly Satisfying. I Took These Pictures 1 Month Ago

Image source: chalkwhite_rich

Papa : “I understand. It’s been 40 years since I worked retail, but when I put something on a shelf I still have to turn it so the label faces front, even drinks in the refrigerator.”

Aballi : “It’s been 20 years since I worked in a grocery store, and I still find myself facing products when I’m shopping.”

#11 Organized Office Drawer

Image source: aloofloofah

SM : “When I was in the Air Force, we did this for all our tools in the toolbox. It makes it so that you can instantly tell if a tool is missing. This can be critical on the flight line where a missing tool might be sucked up into a jet engine. We even had two layers of foam. The bottom you panted red, and then the top was black foam. It really made it stand out.”

#12 Hot Wheels Display I’ve Assembled For My Office

Image source: tipnitty

LauraDragonWench : “Nice! My brain is super happy looking at this.”

Timbob : “You work in an office where they play with little cars ?”

#13 Broom Setup On Our Local Garden Store

Image source: Jeerus

sbj : “Broom Jenga, too tempting not to have a go”

Step Twirl : “Can someone please adjust the one one the upper right ?!”

#14 The Way The Fridge Magnets Are Organized After My Brother With Asperger’s Syndrome Has Come To Visit

Image source: IkBenAnders

CatchTheWind : “I like them all. He’s incredibly talented.”

Natalie H : “He made snowflakes 😊❄️”

#15 The Way These Pipes And Valves Are Arranged Is Soothing

Image source: Daeebro

Irishwoman abroad : “Wow! I wish the idiot who had organised the water pipes for our building could see this! Only 12 apartments, and they still couldn’t even get the meters installed in any kind of numerical order, plus some are randomly stuck on another wall, despite plenty of space.”

#16 My Younger Brother (20) Is Training To Be A Driver For Our Moving Company. He Wants To Hear How You’d Rate His Tetris Skills

Image source: Pallyhow

Alan Fallguy : “After adding the carpet on the right the bottom 4 rows should have disappeared :-)”

#17 Selling My House Soon And Packing Up All The LEGO, Took One Last Photo Of My Setup

Image source: walker3342

A James : “My OCD Inner Child just wet himself. ;)”

#18 These Yoghurts Are Sorted Perfectly. I Can Bearly Tell The Difference Between This And A Real Bear

Image source: reddit.com

sbj : “I wouldn’t want to be the first person to take any from this display”

#19 These Soda Bottles

Image source: jabulaniamerica

sbj : “I’m thirsty just looking at the photo”

#20 Seems Like A Good Time To Finally Show Off The Spice Rack I Built

Image source: StickyMustache

El Dee : “Nice rack..”

#21 Props To Whoever Stocked These Clothes’ Hangers At IKEA

Image source: deferisawesome

Binny Tutera : “Hangers are one of those things that want to constantly tangle”

#22 I Have Synesthesia, That Means I Remember Books Better By Their Color Than By Title Or Author, So This Is What Happens When I Have Enough Shelf Space

Image source: natalopolis

LauraDragonWench : “Gorgeous!”

#23 I Used To Be A Cook In The Industry, But Now I Cook For My Family And Friends

Image source: Ill-Investigator8740

Lily Anne : “I want a drawer for my spices too!”

#24 This Yarn Display My Wife Made At Work

Image source: Bottlez1266

Bored something : “Yarn *drool*”

Fly_Agaric_Frog (They/Them) : “As a person who crochets: this. is. amazing. ✨”

#25 The Way This Museum Arranged Snail Shells To Demonstrate Color Variation

Image source: Stall0ne

Ranboo beloved He/They : “That’s a lot of time and effort”

Andres Tejeda : “Snailed it!”

Violet Smith : “I bet it was slow work…”

#26 The Way These Wires Flow

Image source: reddit.com

James016 : “*drools* (I work in IT)”

LauraDragonWench : “It’s like an amusement park ride for bits and bytes. Very satisfying.”

zgillet : “It’s all wonderful until a cable needs replacing.”

#27 Well, The 5 Minutes It Took To Arrange My Glass Collection On The Mantle Was Incredibly Worth It

Image source: catglaw

PattyK : “Mantel. Mantle is a cloak, cape, other shoulder covering.”

#28 The Way These Shirts Are Arranged

Image source: yashknight

Felidae : “This unfortunately does not work well from what I have experienced. You have to go through a whole stack to find the size you are looking for. It does look great and neat, but I have seen people create an unholy mess trying to find what they are looking for. It does work easier though if they leave the shirt stacks with the shirts in the packaging, easier to see the size and people create less chaos.”

#29 Beautiful Cable Management

Image source: Cyb3rw0rM1

motherbanana : “My first thought was: Oh, a cathedral”

#30 I’m An Art Teacher And I Moved To A New School This Past Summer. The Previous Teacher Did Not Share My Love Of Organization. Behold The Before And After Of My Paper Closet

Image source: smolgurl93

Moë : “Ooh so pretty…😍😍”

#31 Neatly Arranged Markers At My Local Bookstore

Image source: UrbanOwl24

sbj : “Looking at this makes me want to draw”

#32 I Organized My Smaller Gemstones

Image source: jeenes

#33 This Cookware Collection Organized By Color

Image source: tomaszmajewski

#34 After Months And Months In Storage I Finally Managed To Build Some Custom Shelves To Display My Game Boy Collection

Image source: Captainjord

#35 The Way My Dutch School Has Arranged These School Bikes

Image source: BeriqB

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