People Online Pointed Out 20 Hygienic Practices That Need More Public Awareness

Published 1 year ago

We’re living in a post-pandemic world and that seems to have educated many people on the importance of good hygiene practices. But now we are more aware than ever of how exposed we are, from what we touch to what we breathe in and how that can affect our health. 

The basic requirements of washing hands, showering and brushing your teeth are daily practices we knew about. Yet, there are more hygienic practices to be aware of that can impact us. Netizens gathered to discuss these important but largely ignored personal hygiene aspects that need more public awareness and we’ve shared some of the more common themes brought up, below. 

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Image source: sandfleazzz, micah craig

Close the lid before you flush.


Image source: crumpled_omlette, Jean van der Meulen

ALWAYS pee after [making love] (your kidneys will thank you)


Image source: egpizzarolls16, Sei F

For the ladies- Using soap OUTSIDE of the girly. Do NOT put soap in the hole!! That will cause infection and basically just make you smell even more bad than you could imagine ?


Image source: Ok-Consideration2676, Björn Láczay

I wish I had known that the natural Ph of vaginal secretions was acidic enough to stain clothing and such. It would’ve saved me a lot of anxiety of wondering what was wrong with me. Yes, it IS NORMAL for this to happen.


Image source: Professor_Lowbrow, Sora Shimazaki

Washing your [butt]


Image source: flyboy_za, RODNAE Productions

For the sake of everyone else who will need the bathroom, if you’re going to sit in there for 45 minutes playing on your phone while taking a dump, please courtesy flush.

I don’t care how long you’re in there for – I’m not the one paying your salary – but you’re stinking up the room. So flush early please, and then stay as long as you like.


Image source: HonestCup20, cottonbro studio

you actually have to SCRUB your FEET.. just standing in soapy water doesn’t actually wash off the bacteria between your toes.. if you have stinky feet, this will most likely fix your issue.. I didn’t learn this till THIS YEAR, i’m 37, i’ve always had some stinky feet and never knew that i actually had to bend over and scrub my toes and bottoms of my feet.. i now no longer have stinky feet!! lol so basic but also just never occured to me because i always thought the soapy water i was standing in was enough..

my wife and i were talking about shower habbits to our teen one day and she mentions to “scrub those feet!” and i looked at her and was like, “what do you mean? she’s already in soapy water, the feet get cleaned automatically”.. her jaw dropped and she was like “oh my, i now know why none of those powders worked on your feet, it’s the fact that your actually NOT cleaning them, every time in the shower.” and redditors.. she was right.. and man i felt stupid for not knowing such a simple thing.


Image source: WarSlow5450, Tima Miroshnichenko

Wash behind your ears and inside deep of your belly button.


Image source: DramaticOstrich11, Lani. Mar 13 1941 to Dec 13 2018. Rest in Peace

You can wash your pillows and bath mats!

Also glycolic/mandelic/salicylic acids for body odour. Keep that skin acidic and inhospitable to bacteria.


Image source: garlicroastedpotato, Polina Zimmerman

If you have to turn off a tap, make sure you turn it off with the paper towel you used to dry your hands with. No point in losing all that hygiene to communally touched (wet) surfaces.


Image source: gtdreddit, Mike Mozart

If someone offers you a breath mint. Take it. Assume He/she is giving you a polite hint.


Image source: mentalhygenius, Sora Shimazaki

Floss your damn teeth. Brushing isn’t enough to prevent the bad things that happen to good teeth. Ask your hygienist to show you how. 90% of people aren’t doing it right.


Image source: dioisjotaro, Antoni Shkraba

Brush your tongue!


Image source: Permission_Beginning, Tim Samuel

Cleaning/disinfecting your phone. It has so much bacteria and I hate when someone shows me to look at their phone and that s**ts crusty.


Image source: PM_ME_BREAD_PICS_, Thomas Claveirole

1. Clean your hairbrushes, especially if you have oily hair/scalp

2. “Clean your glasses” includes the frames and nose pads


Image source: GuruRoo, Karolina Grabowska

If you don’t floss, try it once, then smell the used floss. After doing it regularly for a week, it won’t smell like that anymore. Dental hygiene is important.

Started flossing at 21 and proud I’ve kept up the habit. Thought it was unnecessary until somebody told me to try the above.


Image source: Fyodorface742, liz west

Pillows cases need to be washed often.


Image source: AeKino, Brendan C

If your towel smells mildew-y, so does your body.


Image source: plantsplantsplaaants, Sarah Chai

Maybe this is hygiene-adjacent but to stop that old laundry smell you have to leave your washing machine open to dry out. Every time!


Image source: linlindindin, Rubbermaid Products

PLEASE wash your reusable water bottle! i know i know refilling your water bottle is super eco friendly but you gotta make sure youre washing it regularly to avoid any gross bacteria buildup

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