15 Times People Used Their Creativity And Humor To Win A Photoshop Battle

Published 4 months ago

In the vast and ever-evolving landscape of the internet, there exists a haven where creativity knows no bounds, and ordinary photos transform into mind-blowing works of art. Welcome to the captivating world of r/photoshopbattles, a subreddit where creative minds unite to turn the mundane into extraordinary.

Let’s take you on a journey through the top 15 images that emerged from this community of digital artists, showcasing the incredible talent and humor that thrives in the realm of Photoshop battles.

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#1 New York Skyline

Image source:  xprmntng

TheGoodBoi: “Ahhh that’s better”

#2 This Train Surrounded By Flooded Lands

Image source: xprmntng

Amanda Moore: “Makes me think of the train from the movie Spirited Away.”

#3 Squirrel Eating Nuts From Hand

Image source: SchrodingersNutsack

TheGoodBoi: “Lol naughty doggo”

#4 A Bald Soccer Coach With A Bubble On His Head

Image source: workingat7

FreeDragon: “Erik ten Hag, trainer of Manchester United. He is Dutch, spot the Dutch flag…”

#5 Boombox

Image source: Cmatthewman

#6 A Green Pole With Security Cameras In A Parking Garage

Image source: Maymayfish

#7 Cat Getting A Bath

Image source:  xprmntng

#8 Woman Wearing Pumpkin

Image source: CptSasquatch

#9 Choristers Playing Football In Westminster Abbey Cloisters

Image source: Kevo

TheGoodBoi: “Second one looks like a Harry Potter scene”

#10 New Canadian Coin

Image source:  DaminDrexil

Ben Solomon: “A dinosaur on a coin? Really!? I much prefer the T-Rex”

#11 Vintage Robot Lamp

Image source: Cmatthewman

Annabel Wood: “when the pixar lamp quits his job…”

#12 This Fish From R/Fish

Image source: xprmntng

#13 This Street Lamp

Image source:  xprmntng

Ovata Acronicta: “That looks like such a fun font! This is great”

Kevin the Manager: “That creature only appears near you if you consistently neglect your plants…”

#14 This Cow That Fell Into A Drain

Image source: SligPants

LGBTQpanda: “Poor Moo-Moo! The reality looks painful but the chill photo is EPIC.”

#15 Atlas From Boston Dynamics

Image source: Cmatthewman

Saumya Ratan

Saumya is an explorer of all things beautiful, quirky, and heartwarming. With her knack for art, design, photography, fun trivia, and internet humor, she takes you on a journey through the lighter side of pop culture.

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