This Russian Photoshop Master Combines Any 2 Photos Into 1 (8 Pic)

Published 7 years ago

Russian retouching master, Max Asabin, is going to make you question reality with his incredible digital manipulations where he transfers the photo subjects anywhere he pleases.

Max layers multiple images on top of each other in a way that looks so seamless, you’d never guess that’s not the original photo. Of course, it takes quite some skill and patience to trim the edges of each foreground photo, then add shadows and highlights, and adjust the overall color for that realistic feel.

His dedication has translated into over 70 thousand pageviews on DeviantArt, where he’s a frequent uploader of his creations. He also does commercial work, so if you’re more about bragging about where you’ve been, than actually traveling, he might be the perfect guy to help.

More info: vk, twitter, instagram, youtube, tumblr (h/t)

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