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15 Little Details That Pixar And Disney Changed In Their Movies For Screenings In Different Countries

Published 3 years ago

No matter whether you’re a kid or an adult, everyone loves Disney and Pixar movies. After all, it’s hard not to – the movies are always full of colorful and memorable characters, exotic locations, and captivating adventures. However, even though you’ve probably seen the studios’ movies countless times, you and a person from a different part of the world might remember the movies a little differently.

Turns out that Disney and Pixar tend to change little details when screening movies in different countries, and some of those changes are so subtle, you might not even notice. From changing the newscasters in Zootopia to completely remodeling certain characters like in the Japanese release of Wreck-It Ralph, check out all of the details that the studios altered for international releases in the gallery below!

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#1 Zootopia: Different Newscasters

Image source: Walt Disney Pictures

#2 Inside Out: Riley’s Dad Daydreaming About Hockey vs. Soccer

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

#3 Monsters University: Cupcakes For English vs. International Viewers

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

#4 Coco: Title Change In Brazil

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

In Brazil, the word ‘coco’ means ‘poop’, therefore the title, as well as Mama Coco’s name had to be changed.

#5 Toy Story 2: Buzz Lightyear’s Speech

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

#6 Moana: Released With A Different Title In Italy Due To A Controversial Adult Movie Actress With The Same Name

Image source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

#7 Inside Out: Riley Rejecting Broccoli vs. Green Peppers

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

#8 Up: Paradise Falls vs. Hand Drawn Picture Of The Falls For Better Clarity

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

#9 Cars: Agent Harv Has A Different Accent Depending On Country

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

#10 Planes: Rochelle Changes Appearance Depending On Country

Image source: DisneyToon Studios

#11 Wreck It Ralph: Minty Zaki Becomes Minty Sakura In The Japanese Version Of The Movie

Image source: Walt Disney Animation Studios

#12 Up: “My Adventure Book” Is Translated Into Different Languages

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

#13 Ratatouille: The French Version Has The Letter That Remy Found Rewritten In French, Instead Of Just Adding The Subtitles

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

#14 Inside Out: Bing Bong Reads A Sign Out Loud

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

Bing Bong reads the sign and points at it with his trunk. His movements have been reanimated to fit different languages.

#15 Monsters University: Greek Letters As “Scary Font” For International Audiences

Image source: Pixar Animation Studios

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