Artist Quits Her Boring Job To Sculpt These Wearable Porcelain Animals

Published 7 years ago

Amsterdam-based sculptor Harriet Damave is responsible for these wearable porcelain art pieces which already gave pleasure to hundreds of satisfied customers and also served the artist as a way out of her boring job.

“My ceramic work was born because I had gotten completely stuck — like I think everybody has at one stage in their creative career. I was illustrating for a living, mostly school books, and living in Spain; at one point I couldn’t seem to draw anymore, and I thought, maybe with a trick I can get myself painting and drawing again,” she explains.

“I decided to try to take away the ambition of making something purely artistic and instead focus on making something useful, like a cup or a plate. That lowered the pressure for me, and it’s kept me going and painting — and playing, also. Then I found the joy again, the joy of the craft.”

Now she has a whole collection of these cute porcelain animals and a total creative freedom on what she wants to do next.

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