40 Hilariously Creative Ways People Are Protecting Themselves From The Coronavirus

Published 4 years ago

It shouldn’t come as a surprise but toilet paper isn’t the only thing that’s scarce these days – face masks and other personal protective equipment (PPE) is in dire need too. Naturally, this led to some people getting creative and coming up with all sorts of ways of protecting themselves. And let’s just say that not all attempts were entirely successful.

People are using anything at their disposal – from pads to medieval armor – to protect themselves and it seems like there’s no limit to their creativity. Check out all the unique ways people are protecting themselves from the coronavirus in the gallery below!

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#1 Quarantine Fun With Mom! Only Masks Available On-Line

Image source: royalrequest1969

#2 A Stranger Took A Picture Of Me Wearing The Proper PPE For A Trip To Walmart For Just The Essentials

Image source: Sweetbadger

#3 Now I Can’t Touch My Face

Image source: Iron_Bawls

#4 Remember, It Has To Be With Wings

Image source: Maniso

#5 As Seen In A Supermarket In Quebec

Image source: jetster735180

#6 This Guy Didn’t Have A Mask, So He Came To The Orthopedist As A Polar Bear

Image source: staceyjg314

#7 You Always Gotta Be Careful When Going To Supermarkets, Especially With COVID-19 Right Now

Image source: Squonk3

#8 Covid Drip

Image source: o0gader0o

#9 Corona Virus Becomes Human

Image source: djcubedmofo

#10 Protected

Image source: rudy_mustang

#11 Plague Doctor With Garlic Is Here

Image source: ChillyStrawberry

#12 This Is Going Way Too Far

Image source: anon7935678

#13 When You Care About Your Health But Also Don’t Care About Your Health

#14 Corona Protection

Image source: LinkanXD

#15 How To Date On Quarantine

Image source: jerm_cohen

#16 Who Needs Face Masks, Or Hand Sanitizer When You Can Have Beskar Armour To Protect Against Corona?

Image source: Roninswen

#17 Not Getting The Coronavirus. Spotted In The Atlanta Airport

Image source: hbts2002

#18 When My Daughter Has No Face Mask To Go Outside But Says “Don’t Worry Dad, I Got This!”

Image source: closes52

#19 How To Protect Your Car From The Coronavirus

#20 This Woman Who Came Into Our Restaurant Said This Is The Only Protective Mask She Could Find

Image source: FroggyMcTerrison

#21 Shopping For The Plague

Image source: DonSimon1976

#22 I Understand The Fear Of Coronavirus, But What Is That?

#23 Mask Shortage Improvisation

Image source: purplemonster44

#24 Gotta Stay Stylish

Image source: subwaycreatures

#25 Meanwhile In Georgia

Image source: 1NFail

#26 Next

#27 Mr. Ghost

#28 Protection In Russia

Image source: qevoh

#29 Improvise, Adapt And Overcome

Image source: LollipopFromHell

#30 No Masks, No Problem

Image source: ntobias1

#31 Italians Dealing With Lack Of Face Masks

#32 Coronavirus Protection?

Image source: hansreddit9

#33 How They Quarantine In Breaux Bridge, LA

Image source: Blanco_Nino1

#34 Facemask

#35 Who Had The Good Idea To Pull Out The Soviet Asbestos Masks?

Image source: Knaiff

#36 What Is Going On Here?

Image source: stonecold2050

#37 Man’s ‘Genius’ Way Of Protecting Himself During Coronavirus Pandemic

Image source: h_saltovka

#38 When Modern Problems Require Modern Solutions

#39 Not The Safety We Needed, But The Safety We Deserve

Image source: Godwithme08

#40 With No Face Masks On The Shelves, The Mighty Emperor Provides During These Troubling Times. In Perth, Western Australia

Image source: Brelvis85

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