30 Bold ‘Power Moves’ From Women That No One Expected

Published 2 years ago

With the perpetual topic of women’s rights, today women have more rights than they ever did before. There is no need to go against the officials or gather outside the buildings to get the word out. With the internet being accessible almost everywhere, it’s easier than ever to spread the message of how fierce and powerful women really are.

Whether it’s posing with a hijab in front of an anti-Muslim protest, rocking a potato sack for a photoshoot, calling an MP a ‘boomer’ or dressing up in a sloth costume for the season premiere of ‘The Bachelor’, these could all be considered badass ‘power moves’ from women.

Check out the list below and see, whether you recognize any of these badass women.

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#1 Rule Number One: Curtsy To The Queen Or Something. Rule Number Two: No Running At School Events I Guess

Image source: duuuhhh98

#2 Did That Just Happen…

Image source: ASmallMongolianChild

#3 This Sister

Image source: acangiano

#4 Madlass Cyclist

Image source: 156-

#5 Marilyn Monroe Was A Madlass

Image source: ExpertAccident

#6 This Is 90 Year Old Suzanne Hoylaerts Of Belgium. She Passed Away After Refusing A Respirator To Combat Covid-19 Telling Her Doctors “Save It For The Youngest Who Need It Most, I’ve Already Had A Beautiful Life”

Image source: acangiano

#7 Fan Wears A Ryan Reynolds Shirt To Meet Hugh Jackman

Image source: JTierney1987

#8 Absolute Madlass Changes Bio To Make Fun Of The Potus

Image source: TheMa_son

#9 Madlass

Image source: dementedfrost

#10 Madlass

Image source: reddit.com

#11 Some Madlasses Of The 1930s

Image source: UpsidownFlamingo

#12 A True Madlass

Image source: audliie

#13 This Muslim Woman Took A Photo In Front Of An Anti-Muslim Protest Like A Pro

Image source: muse-esum


Image source: nakanodrawing

#15 Mad Lass Pretends To Not Know English

Image source: The_Lava_Wielder

#16 This Is How You Stand Up To Government!

Image source: austin5733


Image source: BobbyDukeArts

#18 Madlass Researcher

Image source: nuniabidness

#19 Goldie Williams Was A Rebellious Woman Arrested For Vagrancy. ‘She Refused To Unfold Her Arms And Stop Making This Face For Her 1898 Mugshot – Omaha, Nebraska

Image source: 2Salmon4U

#20 Madlasses Must Not Be Messed With

Image source: Flo_rian2340

#21 Nice

Image source: Toadmirror2525

#22 Taylor Swift Being An Absolute Madlass…

Image source: 1f2l3o4

#23 Madlass

Image source: shantanu011

#24 Mad 11 Yr Old

Image source: Master1718

#25 Nina Simone On Girls’ Talk

Image source: TamponBagel28


Image source: Skyhawk6600

#27 Now This Is How A Madlad Breaks Up

Image source: G0dzilla11

#28 Power Move

Image source: jakehadadick


Image source: ky_denzz

#30 Definitely Should Be Here!

Image source: Thackers09

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