25 Products Tailored For Women, But Missed The Mark As They Were Designed By Men

Published 2 months ago

In the digital realm of forums and social media, discussions on gender-specific designs often spark intriguing conversations. One such conversation gained traction when a user named Somon posed a thought-provoking question on Reddit: “What is something designed for women that has obviously been designed by a man?” The responses that followed shed light on the sometimes overlooked disparities in product design.

From beauty products to fashion, the online thread provided a platform for users to share their observations and experiences regarding designs that may not always align with the needs and preferences of women. Let’s delve into some of the noteworthy responses and explore the implications of gendered designs in various aspects of everyday life.

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Image source: abynew, MART PRODUCTION

Every single gyno procedure and lack of pain meds given for it


Image source: tenaciouslyteetering, SHVETS production

Button down shirts that don’t account for breasts and if you CAN button it all the way up you have these huge gaps and stretching between the buttons.


Image source: Sellarse, Alfo Medeiros

Abortion laws


Image source: TURBOSCUDDY, Meaghan

Someone PLEASE put more belt loops on my work pants!

Oh, and NORMAL pockets, please and thankyou


Image source: Nopetynope12, Alexandra Maria

Most women’s shoes are shaped to be long, thin and pointy.

My feet are not long, thin and pointy, **they are** **foot-shaped**, and shoe shopping is a*s.


Image source: Catwymyn, Castorly Stock

Ok, this is niche, but I hate it whenever I go to sit at a bar and there are no hooks under the bar. Double points if the stools don’t have a back where I can loop my purse/coat over the seat back, and I am stuck piling my purse and/or coat in my lap. Same for public restrooms – pleaseee put a hook on the door so I’m not precariously balancing my purse on my lap or worse on the floor.


Image source: Sternenschweif4a, Kampus Production

hiking backpacks with a breast strap


Image source: awkwardabteverything, Bagoes Ilhamy

All obgyn vaginal procedures. BARBARIC.


Image source: Jerkrollatex, Scott Sanker

There is a patent for labia glue that dissolves when you pee on it do use while on your period to hold the blood in. A male chiropractor invented and tried to sell it. So that.


Image source: silverandstuffs, Liliana Drew

Wasn’t there some guys on shark tank or something like it that made gloves for women to use to change their menstrual products? They were single use and pink or something?


Image source: Quietly_dangerous, Mike Bird

Car seat belts. Mine slips up all the time, and I have it on the lowest setting. I am 5’4″ tall. So uncomfortable.


Image source: Mirawenya, Karolina Grabowska

Razors. I just buy the regular man-version if I wanna use a razor…


Image source: VeganMonkey, Nataliya Melnychuk

Underwear, because it nearly never fits. Always rides up. Especially when those high cut 80s things came out there were no proper fitting ones anymore, eventually I found boyleg undies, but they are still different from what they used to make. Plus the double fabric is in the wrong place. Definitely must be designed by men, women wouldn’t do that.


Image source: saadmerie, Christopher Campbell

Sports shorts
Search for it on google and add men or women and see the difference


Image source: SundaeEducational808, Reproductive Health Supplies Coalition

The IUD was invented by Richard Richter in 1909 and the design was updated by Ernst Gräfenberg.


Image source: blackbubble*ss, Diana Galván

any female outfit in mmorpg


Image source: 123-91-1, Mikael Blomkvist

Women’s power tools. They are just a pink version of the men’s tools, or they are just a less powerful version.

No redesign of the weight, shape, or grip size to make them easier to hold for our body shapes, just a pink tax.


Image source: Elmaccas, Fahmi Garna

Toilet cubicles – never enough room for sanitary bins.


Image source: yttiksesom2, National Cancer Institute

When you get a needle biopsy, you have to lie on a cold formica table with a sharp edged hole w yr breast dangling through it. The first time I had to do this, we (me, women docs and nurses) all commented on the terrible design of the thing.

When I has another needle biopsy a few years later, the table had been redesigned. It was now pink. ❤️


Image source: soline, Sarah Chai

Anything that is just a pink or purple variation of the men’s version.


Image source: Queen_Anomalocaris, Cats Coming

Clothes – hardly any pockets, if they do, it’s rare they they a a decent size that actually holds the items in.

Handbags – many are too small and useless for any woman carrying more than 1 card and a little bit of cash.

Seatbelts – they don’t fit right because they were designed for breast-less people apparently.


Image source: Moonpiemo, Los Muertos Crew

PPE. Unisex fit my a*s?


Image source: vermilion-chartreuse, Anna Tarazevich

Most pharmaceuticals, unfortunately.


Image source: sbmskxdudn, Pixabay

I’m pretty sure cars? Last I heard, most or all crash tests are used with a male model, but that might’ve changed semi-recently


Image source: automoth, kevin liang

Maternity leave.

I’m in the US where you’re lucky to have it and even if you do there are often ridiculous stipulations like, leave starting only when you go into labor.

There’s no way a system where the expectation is that 100% of women will be able to work until a baby literally begins to fall out of them was designed by a woman.

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