20 Job Roles That Attract Total Jerks, According To People

Published 1 year ago

In any industry, there are a rather questionable group of people. Whether that’s just who they happen to be or money and power are responsible, they make their choices. But when one Redditor asked, “Which profession attracts the worst kinds of people?” netizens shared their opinions on the careers most likely to have a higher number of jerks with a substantial number of people voting on the responses to arrive at the following conclusions.

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Image source: loket87779, Florencia Viadana

My mum worked in a prison. She said that a lot of the men in there for sex offences against children had/were looking for jobs like driving ice cream vans, dressing as Santa at shopping centres etc as they liked kids sitting on their laps etc. Apparently it’s way more common than people would think



Image source: JGCities, Thea Hdc

Hollywood producer it seems.

Over and over and over.



Image source: oferchrissake, Karolina Grabowska

I thought I wanted to be an architect… but then I met a bunch of architects. And architecture students. And architecture professors. And they were pretty much all A******s. It was weird. I mean… how could it be so consistent? But there ya have it.



Image source: P4NT5, Marek Levak

Elementary School Front Desk Administrator.



Image source: Blue8Delta, Giulia Lorenzon

Tow truck drivers. At least 80% of all the tow truck drivers I’ve met have been felons, and about 98% have been shady d**kheads.



Image source: nursingabuseproblem, MedicAlert UK

Unpopular opinion but nurses. There is a lot, A LOT, of toxic abusive high-school girl drama type behavior among nurses.

It’s such an important job and about half the people doing it shouldn’t be responsible for a yogurt, let alone a human being’s life.

I’ve seen some s**t, man.



Image source: dragonfeet1, Antonio Jamal Roberson




Image source: AggravatingOne3960, King’s Church International




Image source: yetogev226, Diego González

I’m probably gonna get some hate for this… the military (The US Army to be precise). Probably 99% of the Soldiers are good, honest people. The nature of the job just simply attracts some sickos. The Army does what it can, but It takes a long time to kick someone out of the Army. Source: 6 years Active Duty



Image source: Nwcray, Kindel Media

Law enforcement seems to have some problems



Image source: SuvenPan, Zeg Young




Image source: tjraff01, SHVETS production

Substance abuse mental health professionals seem to fall into one of the following categories: a) wonderful, angelic and highly competent souls who truly want to help drug addicts/alcoholics (they’re maybe 20% of the counselors, optimistically); b) burnt-out incompetent/lazy/don’t-care types (another 60%); or c) absolute personality-disordered, narcissistic/ Machiavellian sadistic types who really get off on the enormous power/control they have over the lives and fates of the people under their care (maybe another 20%). YMMV. The last group can do a LOT of damage.


Image source: BattleGoose_1000, Wendy Wei

Modelling photographers



Image source: Carl_In_Charge, https://www.pexels.com/photo/woman-holding-money-5900251/

Private equity



Image source: hatredwithpassion, energepic.com

Bouncers. I swear those people are always looking to create trouble so they can exercise their right to kick a*s



Image source: yetogev226, Rene Asmussen

Line cook. A lot of them are great people, but every beyond horrible person I’ve met has always been a cook



Image source: Sir-weasel, Kindel Media

Sales, estate agents, recruiters


Image source: Kresstro, JESHOOTS.com

“Reality” TV



Image source: PhilemonV, Hunters Race

The executives that run MLMs.



Image source: LawnGuyLand94, Chris Liverani

Stockbrokers. I have some friends who are stockbrokers. I love them, but man, they are some b******t artists. And not like, “Oh, they’re a good salesman, and could sell you anything,” No, it’s like they make s**t up as they go along and try to sound confident in what they say.

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