25 Foods And Drinks That People Keep Trying To Like Despite Strong Disgust

Published 10 months ago

There are some foods that we tried when we were young kids that really triggered us the wrong way. For me, it was the taste of tea. For whatever reason whenever I try to give it a chance, even now in adulthood, the taste and even the smell of tea can create a strong sense of aversion. 

Indeed, there are certain popular foods and drinks that others seem to enjoy, but for whatever reason they just rub us up the wrong way. Though we force ourselves to try to get over this psychological intolerance, the actual reality is that we are still struck with nauseating disgust when faced with these particular foods which are like our own personal kryptonite. So “What food have you tried liking but just can’t?” Scroll below to read some answers popular with netizens worldwide. 

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#1 Tripe

Image source: anon, stu_spivack

#2 I know this is a drink, but sparkling water. I like some flavors, but I can’t stand that after taste. Bleh

Image source: TruBluBritt, Pixabay

#3 Blue cheeses

Image source: 28374woolijay, ROMAN ODINTSOV

#4 IPAs and stouts.

Image source: Revenge_of_the_Khaki, Alfo Medeiros

#5 Durian.

I went to a restaurant that served all the types of durian on a platter, all the way up to musang king. Hated every bite.

My fellow Asians judge me for hating it, but I refuse to be shamed. My American palate won’t let me like it.

There’s a reason they’re banned on public transport in Asia.

Image source: c1570911, Eugene Kim

#6 Black licorice. I’ve accepted my DNA just can’t stand the stuff.

Image source: slimpawws, The Nix Company

#7 Beer, of any kind. It always makes me very nauseous.

Image source: LiliumLena, kazuend

#8 Kombucha, smells like stinky feet and taste like vinegar to me.

Image source: -LordKromdar-, Tim-Oliver Metz

#9 okra. liver and onions.

Image source: crablegsforlife, Quang Nguyen Vinh

#10 Olives. I’ve tried many varieties. I always try them because they look like they’d be good but they’re just not.

Image source: TRIGMILLION, Polina Tankilevitch

#11 Intestines/innards of any kind and solid portions of fat on meat. One of my husband’s favorite dishes is barbequed intestines (Japanese barbecue) and I can smell its appeal, but I physically can’t deal with the texture. And it really saddens me because I’ve always wanted to eat menudo and I know the soup is bomb AF ?. I think I have some sort of fat/chewy PTSD from when I was forced to eat gristle off of meat as a kid.

Image source: LeocadiaPualani, Krista

#12 Matcha ! Just tastes like grass to me

Image source: mulberrycedar, NipananLifestyle.com

#13 Octopus. The texture just isn’t for me. I want to like it. The flavor is fine, just can’t get over the chewing experience.

Image source: nocksers, RDNE Stock project

#14 Wine. Every year I’ll try it around the holidays with family and it’s still gross

Image source: anon, Maria das Dores

#15 Beets. I just can’t.

Image source: Many_Dirlam, Melissa LeGette

#16 Liver the smell alone makes me sick.

Image source: anon, stu_spivack

#17 Most definitely Brussel Sprouts. I’ve tried them in so many forms and yet I still hate them.

Image source: guidesthehermit, Jez Timms

#18 Lamb. I tried… really

Image source: Ab1156, cottonbro studio

#19 Caviar .

The salty /fishy /cold/ bubble tea texture combo makes me retch . Smoked salmon too – I’m a terrible one for cold fishy amuse-bouche.

Image source: candynickle

#20 Tofu. I’m trying to be more health conscious and environmentally friendly with my eating habits. I’ve tried tofu several different ways, but haven;t found a flavor/style I like enough to keep eating.

Image source: WongoKnight, Polina Tankilevitch

#21 Raw oysters.

Image source: lsutigerzfan, Anima Visual

#22 Overnight oats. They’re basically lumpy, cold snot in my throat first thing in the morning. I gag just thinking about adding chia seeds.

Image source: DarkDesireX, Irina Grigoraş

#23 Chitlins

Image source: Old_opionated-man, izzycooking

#24 Peeps, the Easter sugared candy. I like to think I can digest anything covered in sugar BUT NOT THAT….

Image source: Asapdustybraids, David Goehring

#25 I can’t drink egg nog. Every year I give it a shot and try to like it, but I just can’t.

Image source: cyberzed11, Jill Wellington

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