Love Has No Labels: PSA Uses X-Ray To Show That Deep Inside, We’re All Skeletons

Published 9 years ago

Art can be used for social change, that’s no secret. Such is the role of Ad Council’s video Love Has No Labels. A public X-ray screen which shows skeletons kissing, hugging and dancing before they emerge on stage as people: lesbian and interracial couples, gay parents, friends of different religions and so on. The performance shows that, despite their outside differences, they’re all the same deep inside: skeletons. Well, I assume Ad Council wants us to think they’re filled with love, but love doesn’t show up well on X-rays

It is fun to see such a dynamic and cool array of couples, and see the people’s reactions. They seem to be pleasantly surprised and very supportive.

Now if that doesn’t make you feel fuzzy deep in your skeleton, I don’t know what does.

More info: lovehasnolabels.comFacebook (h/t: mashable)

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