Rainbow And Lightning Captured In One In A Million Shot

Published 9 years ago

A lightning and a rainbow in the same shot is the rare combination that Greg McCown managed to capture with his camera. It took place on August 8, a stormy Arizona evening. McCown was driving around, doing shoots with his friends. He snapped the picture when he was heading home, trying to get a shot without any clutter. McCown had been trying to get a lightning and a rainbow in one shot for years, and he even managed to get a bonus cactus in!

Greg McCown lives in Tuscon, Arizona, and is primarily interested in real estate and investing. However, it was his wife’s passion for photography that rubbed off on him , and he’s extremely passionate about taking pictures of desert landscapes. “I was just trying to find a foreground without telephone poles or other junk in the way,” McCown wrote on Flickr. “Found it just in time as this was the last bolt to strike before the storm dissipated into nothing.”

More info: saguaropictures.com | facebook | twitter | instagram (h/t: petapixel)

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