Rajasthan’s top cities you should visit on your visit to the state

Published 8 years ago

For any individual who has a sound learning, or even little knowledge and enthusiasm for travelling, they will have known about no less than 2 or 3 imperative vacationer destinations in Rajasthan. This article discusses the main 5 places in Rajasthan you should visit.

No state comes close to Rajasthan when it comes to tourism and places of tourist interests. No tourist can resist the temptation of paying a visit to at least one or two of the places in Rajasthan during their trip to the state. Culturally, there is no place in India that comes close to the uniqueness of Rajasthan. The bright and vibrant turbans worn by the local men and the huge earring and nose rings the women folk wear with their colourful cotton sarees are a common sight in every part of the state. Without further ado, let’s have a look at some of the top places you can visit in Rajasthan.


The capital city and clearly the forerunner in the state when it comes to tourism and places of tourist attractions. The city of Jaipur, also fondly known as the “Pink City” is easily approachable by a New Delhi to Jaipur train which takes about 4 hours making it very convenient for tourist and domestic travellers alike to have a trip to the city. At the heart of the city lies most of the top historical sites and the places of interest. Move a little further from the city and you will find the popular Amber Fort, the last stop of most tour buses and full day tour rides.


Rajasthan’s scenery, the desert sand, camels and the small rock hills make for a romantic view, but no place is as romantic as the city of Udaipur. Regarded as one of the top honeymoon sites in the country, this beautiful city is known for having beautiful sparkling lakes, floating old Havelis, palaces and some of the best restaurants in the state with the most amazing balcony view and romantic ambience. Apart from honeymoons or romantic visits, it is also a nice place to take your family to.


Although the thought of Udaipur and Jaipur sounds magnificent and you may think a visit to these places is all that you need for your tour of Rajasthan, do not forget to add Jaisalmer to your itinerary. This beautiful desert city is the ultimate place to enjoy the true desert experience with numerous camel rides and also get a feel of the desert life. You can camp in the desert at night and head out for some fun and exhilarating activities in the sand dunes during the day time.


Known for its fun camel rides in the desert terrain and enjoy some dust swirling experience in Rajasthan, the beautiful city of Rajasthan is easily one of the best places to visit in Rajasthan. The main mode of transport used in the city are camels and it is here you can experience experience the simple and modest lifestyles of the rural Rajasthanis.


If Jaipur is the Pink City, than Jodhpur is the Blue City, because of the houses all painted in Blue around its popular Jodhpur Fort, which is also one of the focal tourist attractions to the city. Set at the edge of the Thar desert, the city has two sides to it — the old and the new. The usual traditional attire worn by the locals can be seen here too. The fascinating forts and palaces in the city brings it to life and provides a romantic aura to the city. You should time your trip to the city during the popular Mewar Festival in the city. The whole city comes to live during this time and is a great time to be in the city.

You can book your ticket to all the places in advance and check the IRCTC train ticket availability to see if you can manage to get a ticket to all the cities based on your itinerary. For the time when you cannot find one, you can take the bus or taxi which should not be a problem in a tourism booming state like Rajasthan.

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