25 Little-Known Facts About Random Things Shared By This Online Page

Published 7 months ago

In the vast tapestry of knowledge, there are countless intriguing and unexpected facts that can captivate our imagination. From the wonders of the natural world to the quirks of human behavior, the world is full of fascinating tidbits waiting to be discovered.

Today, we’ll explore some random facts from this Reddit thread that span various topics and might just leave you with a newfound sense of awe and wonder.

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Image source: RumpleHelgaskin, Joshua Ganderson (not the actual photo)

A hot spoon on a bug bite distroys the protein that makes it itchy and subsequently the itching stops!


Image source: Creative_Light_1954, getsome13 (not the actual photo)

Buffalo sauce is just hot sauce with butter.


Image source: Cyris40, https://www.pexels.com/photo/vintage-analog-watch-on-wood-6621857/ (not the actual photo)

A million seconds is eleven days. A billion seconds is around thirty years.


Image source: zxybot9, Andrew E. Larsen (not the actual photo)

Brass doorknobs sanitize themselves. Glass doorknobs hold bacteria.


Image source: spk1121, olia danilevich (not the actual photo)

I have aphantasia, didn’t figure it out until I was in my 30s. I thought when people said like imagine or picture something it was a figure of speech. Had no idea everyone has brain pictures and a very small percentage of people have no visual imagination or what’s called aphantasia.


Image source: donkeybrainz13, zhang kaiyv (not the actual photo)

The actual things that happen when you declaw a cat. It’s like amputating fingers. They often get early arthritis and back problems because it changes the way they walk completely. It’s insanely barbaric and any vet who participates in the practice knowing the results is immoral and evil.


Image source: granlyn, The Sleep Judge (not the actual photo)

When putting your fitted sheet on your bed go opposite corner to opposite corner. Like youre making an x. All my life I’ve struggled with the fitted sheet coming off the mattress and my bed sheets becoming a mess until a few weeks ago when I read a comment on Reddit. It’s changed my sleep and comfort in my bed.


Image source: Longjumping-Emu-2575, FRANK MERIÑO (not the actual photo)

You have to get revaccinated for whooping cough as an adult. I didn’t know this until I caught whooping cough in my late 30s. It was honestly one of the worst things I’ve ever been through. I slept outside in a tent as I was keeping everyone awake. I would cough until I either vomited or passed out, and this went on for weeks. I broke a rib and split intercostal muscles. You’re supposed to have boosters every 8 – 10 years as an adult, and it really made me understand how babies and small children can and do die from the infection.

It starts out very much like a simple cold, slightly sore throat and runny nose. It then progressively gets worse with a cough and tightness in the chest.

Now, every time I get a slight cold, I produce a horrible cough that sounds like a braying donkey, even when I feel fine. I wish I knew about needed to get a booster vaccine, now I tell everyone!


Image source: SamsquatchOR, Chris (not the actual photo)

Anyone old enough to remember when old dog s**t will turn white? It doesn’t happen anymore because they made a change to the dog food.


Image source: Jonaessa, Dmytro Glazunov (not the actual photo)

You can ship bees in the mail!!!

I was waiting in line at the post office, and the clerk came back with a package, and the customer says, “No, these aren’t my bees. Is there another one back there?” And I thought, “Holy s**t. Not only can you ship bees but enough people do this that it could result in a bee mixup. What in the actual eff.”

I got on the phone and told everyone I could think of.


Image source: lintonsplat, Kevin Doncaster (not the actual photo)

Only one in ten family fortunes survive to be passed to a third generation.


Image source: RandomBoredOwl, Jefferson Lucena (not the actual photo)

Cows have best friends


Image source: K19081985, Pavel Danilyuk (not the actual photo)

If there’s some sort of horrific injury at an accident scene, like a limb sliced off or a decapitation, emergency workers who are first on the scene will warn the other workers on their way so they can mentally prepare for it.

So if you’re reporting an accident, be explicit in describing injuries so your people can prepare.


Image source: DjOuroboros, Karolina Grabowska (not the actual photo)

i don’t know why this blows my mind. but if you have a problem with working out a percentage, flip the numbers and see if it makes more sense.

5% of 200 is the same as 200% of 5,
80% of 50 is the same as 50% of 80.

Try it. It’s awesome!


Image source: four2andnew, Pavel Danilyuk (not the actual photo)

I forget the exact percentage, but a ridiculous number of those diagnosed with ADHD as adults are diagnosed after their child receives a diagnosis first.


Image source: Dependent_Top_4425, f.c.franklin (not the actual photo)

Robins see their reflection in your glasses and go into attack mode.


Image source: FeelingSummer1968, DC_Studio (not the actual photo)

Sudden hearing loss.  It happens overnight in one ear, can happen at any age and they don’t know the cause. But if they treat it in 48 hours you have a good chance of it returning- the longer you wait the less likely you’ll recover anything.


Image source: Jayjames55, Timur Weber (not the actual photo)

Not everyone has internal monologue


Image source: ReactionGreedy465

It takes the average abusive relationship survivor about 8 tries or breakups before they successfully leave their abusive partner for good.


Image source: lollusc

Snakes can fart and it’s incredibly loud.


Image source: LifeofSMILEY

Owls have eyetubes, not eyeballs


Image source: LayzieKobes

That any A.I. smart enough to pass a turing test is smart enough to know to fail it on purpose.


Image source: ShadowCobra479

People who use sign language have accents.


Image source: spleef35

Feeding your cat higher quality food, or going to a raw meat diet (with assistance from a veterinarian), will make your cat’s poop and pee nearly and sometimes completely odorless.


Image source: jenniferlorene3

If you want to reheat white rice and have it be just as tasty as the first time you cooked it put it into a strainer and pour hot water over it. It comes out like you just cooked it and all fluffy again. (Preferably really hot water from like a kettle)

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