When This Dinosaur Egg Candle Melts, It “Hatches” A Cute Baby Raptor

Published 8 years ago

Dinosaurs are immeasurably lamer than dragons since they don’t breathe fire. However, the Firebox Hatching Dinosaur Candle finally matches extinct reptiles and fire in a way that no museum firebombing ever could. It’s an egg-shaped candle that features a baby raptor, the memetastic dinosaur known to any fan of Jurassic Park and nostalgia.

Unlike stone dragon eggs, this doesn’t require you to take it into the flames personally. Just light the approximately 14cm(W) x 14cm(H) x 15.8cm(D) candle and you’ll have a dinosaur by the end of the evening. Works perfectly for dates with archeologists, and the raptor will provide infinite whimsy for your china cat collection.

More info: firebox (h/t: mentalfloss, mymodernmet)

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