Rare Unknown Facts About Submersible Pump Cable India

Published 8 years ago

Submersible pump cables are widely utilized for under water application and highly strong or durable. They are just perfect to work in wet areas. They have plastic or rubber coating over the product and completely chemical resistant when exposed to tough environmental conditions. The best properties of product include – complete insulation and non-toxicity in nature.

They are generally used to extract water form submersible pumps and good for domestic or commercial use both. The pumps are especially designed to work with deep wells or underground water applications. Further, we will discuss on properties of submersible pump cables and how they are suitable for tough weather conditions.

#1. Submersible Pump Cable Features

They are corrosion resistant, moisture resistant, abrasion resistant etc. As they are strong in structure, they have long flex life and just last longer. These cables are known worldwide for their superior mechanical or electrical properties.

The size and shape of submersible pump cables may vary based on product applications and preference. The cables can be availed in multiple colors and used accordingly. These cables may be either round or cross sectional. They are good power conductors and colors make them easy to identify for multiple applications. PVC cables may be golden, yellow or tinted copper.

These cables can be used with almost any kind of fluid that needs to be pumped. They are efficient pumps and help to push liquids on to surface. They were designed with a single objective to use for underground projects or wet environments. You just have to make the right choice that suits your project needs the most. The only condition is that submersible cables should always be made up of high quality materials and tested thoroughly.

#2. Lesser Known Facts About Submersible Pump Cables

These cables can be used for sewage pumping or pond filters. They can also be used to extract water from bore holes either for residential, commercial or industrial apps. It can be used for sewage water treatment or to handle sea water as well.

They have fire retardant properties so they can be freely used for firefighting purposes. Some of popular applications of product is deep water drilling, underground water extraction etc. They can be used to regulate oil or chemical as well. They are used by irrigation department and popular across worldwide.

The only condition is that submersible cables should be purchased from leading submersible pump cable manufacturers only. They can be used for mine dewatering and deep well boring. The product has good applications for both fresh and salt water. Submersible cables are very intelligent invention and they are especially designed to work with restrictive conditions.

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