30 Amazing “Redneck Engineering” Solutions That Actually Worked, As Shared In This Online Group (New Pics)

Published 3 years ago

Whether it’s the lack of money, time, or any other issue, sometimes people decide to take matters into their own hands and come out with innovative ways to fix a problem. A temporary solution may not appear pleasant or it may even look ridiculous sometimes, but what’s the harm if it serves the purpose of solving a problem.

A resourceful approach to problem-solving not only saves money but also inspires creativity. The subreddit r/RedneckEngineering is a place where you can find some interesting hacks and DIY projects that may seem funny but they probably worked as quick, alternative ways of solving a problem. Scroll below to see some recent posts on the subreddit. And if you wish to explore funnier DIY projects, check out our previous posts, here and here.

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#1 Our Doorbell Has Been Broken So We Had To Improvise

Image source: violinfiddleman

#2 Does This Count?

Image source: nox011

#3 A Pvc Pipe Basketball “Hoop” I Made So That My Son Could Practise

Image source: Tominator2000

#4 Saw This Volume Limiter On R/Hometheater Thought Of This Sub

Image source: OhTheHueManatee

#5 Cut A Pool Noodle In Half To Make A Comfortable Armrest For The Truck. From Australia

Image source: goobly_goo

#6 It Makes Sense

Image source: Flimsy_Researcher

#7 Not The Prettiest, But It Gets The Job Done!

Image source: Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#8 Who’s Laughing Now?

Image source: jhovudu1

#9 A Plunger And Hot Water, Who’d A Thunk It

Image source: Spudnut

#10 Czech Engineering

Image source: TemporaryAccount-tem

#11 Homemade Roller Coaster

Image source: BMY61

#12 How To Keep Your Drone From Falling Down Into A River

Image source: DampfJaguar0674

#13 My 11 Year Old Scotch Taped The Phone To His Face So He Could Play Xbox And Talk

Image source: Caffeinequeen86


Image source: BallsOutKrunked

#15 Only Had Two Batteries, And Also This Thing Was Crazy Bright

Image source: thatsbs

#16 Disinfecting In A Beiping Market, Smart And Timely!

Image source: AmericanBornWuhaner

#17 Ain’t Stupid If It Works!

Image source:  lilchalupzen

#18 Portable AC Unit (Pumps Ice Cold Water From Cooler Through Copper Coil Over Fan)

Image source: PharmacistDude

#19 Fixed The Downspout

Image source: tsmeagain

#20 My Father Built His Own Observatory

Image source: Finneringasvar

#21 Adjustable Wrench

Image source: Familiar_Big3322

#22 Anti-Theft Protection

Image source: saltypotato-612

#23 This Guy Built A Wooden Gym So He Could Train

Image source: Aomiin

#24 Safe As Houses

Image source: Agreeable-Dinner

#25 Humane Rat Trap

Image source: dee_snutz

#26 Found In A Group Called “Stairs Designed By People Who Aren’t Afraid To Die” But I Still Quite Like How Simple And Cheap A Solution It Is

Image source: samcornwell

#27 Back In 2006 When We Lived In Thailand I Couldn’t Find A Guitar Hero Guitar For My Playstation 2 So I Hacked A Knock-Off Dualshock Controller And A Mosquito Zapper Into A DIY Guitar Hero Controller – Complete With A Mercury Switch For Star Power

Image source: Tominator2000

#28 Automatic Door

Image source: Churcky2

#29 Redneck Rotisserie

Image source: dee_snutz

#30 Someone Suggested This Would Fit Here

Image source: Travellingjake

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