35 Memes For The People In Their 30s Who Are Always Tired, As Shared On This Instagram Page

Published 7 months ago

In a world where social media dominates our daily lives, there’s one Instagram account that stands out for its humorous take on the ups and downs of adulthood. “30 And Tired” is an Instagram account that has gained a loyal following by sharing relatable memes that capture the essence of navigating the challenges and complexities of being in your 30s.

Whether you’re in your 30s or not, you’ll find their content hilariously relatable. Let’s take a closer look at some of the best memes from “30 And Tired” that are sure to make you laugh, nod in agreement, and maybe even question your life choices.

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#1 Just Gonna Set It To Delicate And Hope For The Best

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “This is why I don’t buy anything that says those forbidden words.”

#2 My Precious

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “Happens in the blink of an eye. And that eye now requires devices to see properly.”

Roan The Demon Kitty : “I was 24, and I got mad that I left one of my best/biggest cake tubs at a venue around 200 miles from home after attending a friends wedding. (she had a tier of cupcakes rather than a full wedding cake, so I helped bake some cupcakes along with some other people who enjoyed baking, and we decorated them on the day before the ceremony :P ) and now that I’m 27 I’m still mad about losing that tub.”

#3 Oh Shit My Exam! Wait.. I’m 33.. I Haven’t Been In School For Over 10 Years

Image source: 30.and.tired

Taryn Bailey : “Then you check, and you got so much freaking time, but your brain won’t shut the eff back up so you can go back to sleep!”

#4 I Remember When Movie Tickets Were $4.25

Image source: 30.and.tired

troufaki13 : “Yes!! Especially books! In Greece they’re so damn expensive!”

#5 It’s Friday Everyone

Image source: 30.and.tired

Mimi La Souris : “no, i’m just ugly”

#6 Speaking Of

Image source: 30.and.tired

Ample Aardvark : “During the night pee. I go to the toilet once or twice during the day and three times+ at night if I drink anything past 8pm!”

Bouche and Audi and Shyla, Oh My! : “Two old men were talking. The first one said, ” It’s terrible. I pee every morning around six, and have a bowel movement every morning around seven.” The second one asks, “What’s so terrible about that?” First guy answers, “I don’t wake up until eight!””

#7 Ah Yes…. That’s The Good Stuff

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “A true moment of zen. Bonus points if you’ve got a pet somewhere nearby, equally excited to be doing nothing.”

#8 Bro When Have I Ever Needed The Ingredients For A Remoulade?

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “Also, the me who cooks dinner on Monday isn’t the same me cooking on Friday. Dinner? It’s called a big heaping plate of figure it tf out.”

#9 First Question. How Good Are You With Directions By Landmarks?

Image source: 30.and.tired

troufaki13 : “I’m pretty sure I have something to do with some of the people that are on the missing person list 😬”

Shannon Hawks : “landmarks yes , street names : where the hell is that”

#10 2am, 8am, Noon, 2pm, 5pm? What’s The Difference Really?

Image source: 30.and.tired

Margaret H : “2 AM.The hour when you believe you will die because you have a paper cut.”

#11 Don’t Say These Things To Me

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “This. But then I’ll just need to pee a bunch so best I stay sitting upright and re-watching The Labrynth with the late, great David Bowie for the 1213th time.”

Bored Retsuko : “Nooooo, 20 years ago was the 80s of course”

Nikki Sevven : “Because this isn’t our timeline. Something happened in the 2000s and we got shunted into a different and crazier timeline. It explains why we’re all missing 10-20 years, the Mandela effect, and the sheer insanity of some people. (I don’t really believe this. Well, only when the Moon is full.)”

#12 If I Hear A Song I Can’t Remember Might As Well Make It A Good 2-3 Hours

Image source: 30.and.tired

troufaki13 : “I hit pause, then go to google to search and then be on my phone for an hour before resuming the movie 🙄”

#13 I Don’t Have A Problem. You Have A Problem

Image source: 30.and.tired

Shannon Hawks : “previously on Lost. there goes the 1st 10 minutes of the show”

#14 Pizza And I Just Have A Longer History

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “My baby spinach just got its drivers license and it judges me constantly. Pfft.”

#15 Me With Stovetop Knobs

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “This isn’t getting old, this is OCD, friends. Getting old is “Eh, I’ve got insurance. It’ll probably be fine.””

#16 Not My Bag, Not My Problem

Image source: 30.and.tired

Robert T : “By the time it gets to the baggage carousel, they know it is bomb free, drug free and most likely contains dirty washing. They just want it gone.”

LRRRR : “It’s security for me, not for thee”

#17 Hello Old Friend

Image source: 30.and.tired

Groaver Andout : “The Grand Poobah!”

TheGoodBoi : “Absolutely. This is my toilet. There are many like it but this one, is mine.”

#18 What’s Your Late Night Snack Of Choice? I’ve Been On A Mini Kitkat “Unwrapped” Bender For A Week And A Half With No End In Sight

Image source: 30.and.tired

Thing 3 : “Same. I buy 37 bags of halloween kit kats and I stash them in my fridge. Then, as the year progresses and my level of stress fluctuates, I eat them at 2 or 3 am, when my hunger feels like a punch in the stomach from Jackie Chan.”

#19 Carnival Avocado Sounds Like Something Super Questionable But I’m Gonna Eat It Anyways

Image source: 30.and.tired

Ample Aardvark : “That’s exactly my life”

Lily bloom : “I once went into McDonald’s and ordered “chunkin niggets””

#20 I Know What I Must Do But I Don’t Know If I Have The Strength To Do It

Image source: 30.and.tired

Will Cable : “It took a lot of energy to eat all the cake, so it is null and void……well that is what we should be telling ourselves”

#21 I Regret Nothing

Image source: 30.and.tired

sbj : “When I make plans now I instantly regret them”

Let’s Be Kind : “Make the plan, but at the same time trying to figure out a good excuse for backing out later that doesn’t sound completely made up. How often can I cancel because I “feel a sore throat coming on” and it maaaaaaay be Covid so I’m being uber responsible to not spread it which at the same times shows you how much I deeply care about you?”

#22 Rise And Take It Easy While I Complete All My Tasks In A Timely Fashion

Image source: 30.and.tired

sbj : “Wish every morning could be like this”

#23 I Had My Realization That I’m Old When I Looked At A Pair Of Dr. Scholls Shoes And Thought “Damn Those Look Comfy As Hell”

Image source: 30.and.tired

troufaki13 : “Or when you have a favorite stove top 😅”

#24 Me Staying Out Past 9

Image source: 30.and.tired

Rick : “Drinking alcohol used to be fun. Now, it just puts me to sleep.”

Lily bloom : “Lol. That’s me right now. Just 2 drinks last night and I still feel like death at 5 pm.”

#25 *pops Aleve* Im In My Prime

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “Same. 30 isn’t old (says 42 y/o me)”

#26 We’re All Pretty Cool Tho

Image source: 30.and.tired

Lunaofthenest (She/they) : “Don’t dress the same, fo sho. Work me has earrings, mascara and cute blazers. Home me has jam on her cheek and a mysterious stain on her sneakers.”

#27 Oh Look It’s 11pm, Time For Bed

Image source: 30.and.tired

veveve : “If I don’t set the alarm I’ll be anxious, and then I cannot sleep at all, worrying if I’ll overslept”

Will Cable : “When you go to bed before 10pm and you wake up thinking you’ve had several hours and it still isn’t midnight yet.”

#28 Shhhhshshsh! Do You Hear That??

Image source: 30.and.tired

Shannon Hawks : “i can just picture all the neighborhood kids getting shoved to the ground while adults are running to the corner”

#29 *snaps Picture*

Image source: 30.and.tired

Chihuahua Mama : “I always joke that my dogs must work night shifts without my knowledge”

#30 It Doesn’t Look Bad Does It?

Image source: 30.and.tired

Julie Athena : “Why does he remind me of a buff lord farquad?”

Crazy Meerkat Lady : “Hey… my bangs are up here”

Vasana Phong : “I think that was for a role he’s in playing one of the Von Erich brothers (legendary wrestling family)”

#31 Do Try To Keep Up

Image source: 30.and.tired

Chihuahua Mama :”I’m very guilty of this. I frequently am informed that the ‘other day’ I’m referring to was over a year ago”

#32 It’s Friday Friends

Image source: 30.and.tired

Vasana Phong : ” The bra man, the bra, oh yeah the shoes too”

#33 This Is My Personality Trait

Image source: 30.and.tired

Vasana Phong : “Don’t forget the snap, crackle and pop”

#34 Gives Us The Foods

Image source: 30.and.tired

Will Cable : “Oh come on….. a CLEAN shirt without a stain!!!!”

#35 Being In Bed At 8pm Sounds Glorious

Image source: 30.and.tired

sbj : “I hate that now when I speak I can hear my mothers voice, Aaaarghh!”

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