Relaxation Day: 9 Ways Your Other Half Can Relax While You Watch The Football

Published 8 years ago

This weekend marks a hugely important date in the calendar for the UK’s men – it’s the start of the Premier League football season, meaning 9 months of pure bliss for the vast majority of the population. However, it’s not quite such an exciting date for many wives and girlfriends, who have coined the term ‘football widow’ for the lack of attention they tend to receive on Saturday afternoons.

Luckily, the 15th August also marks Relaxation Day, a whole day dedicated to winding down and just taking it easy. Initially the two dates may not seem related, but those crafty fashionistas over at Jacamo have found an ingenious way of linking the two together, coming up with 9 ways your other half can take advantage of relaxation day, buying you just enough time to sneak off and watch the football without the inevitable sighs of indignation that accompany kick-off.

So as the weekend approaches, why not use this brilliantly illustrated piece to suggest a few ways your other half can relax while you get in some much needed (and much-missed) game time:

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