Woman Spent A Year Decorating Her Pub With 70,000 Poppies To Honour Fallen Soldiers

Published 9 years ago

The red poppy is the symbol of the British war dead. Julia Cooper has used 70,000 poppies to decorate the walls of her pub. She started doing it a year ago, when she offered hot soup to veterans on Remembrance day. Through contacts with her friends, she started getting red poppies made by disabled veterans. It’s a mutually beneficial exchange: the pub gets poppies, and she gives charities the money that visitors done.

“People think I’m manic,” Cooper told The Gazette. “But it’s so people don’t forget and it’s somewhere people can put faces to our forces who have lost their lives or are still fighting somewhere out there. I know there’s not another place like this. It’s something I believe in.” She may have lost her fingerprints to hot glue, but Cooper is determined not to stop till the bar hosts 100,000 poppies – enough to break the world record.

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Julie Cooper of Don Bar in Stockton has spent a year decorating her pub with 70,000 poppies


She has already broken the world record, but she will not stop until 100,000


It all started on last year’s Remembrance day


Cooper gets her poppies from a factory where disabled veterans work


She gives the money donated by the visitors to veteran-related charities


Walls not plastered with poppies show pictures of British soldier some of whom had fallen in war



Remembrance day is observed on November 11th.


It recalls the end of hostilities in World War I which ceased “at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month”


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