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Renewable Power Sources At Home

Published 7 years ago

Renewable power sources for our homes.

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How is this for your power control. We will know that we can’t keep living in the past. That is why we always strive at achieving new heights. New creations, new way of living. Today we are going to talk about what are our options so far for a new way of power supply and how to maintain them.

Ps: This picture is actually bringing some odd pictures in my head…

Solar Panels

Solar Panels

It is more and more popular. You may not cover your entire power demand with a few panels, but this is actually the most common solution for green energy at home. It is effective and it will pay your so called “closed” money back. Back in the day people used to actually sell energy from the solar panels and used as much as they could. Sadly, you don’t stand to make a fortune out of it today. So the best way for you to maximize the benefits of your solar panel system now is to carefully calculate your daily demand of energy. After that you can make your plans on how many panels you need, so you could produce as close as possible to what you need. You can add batteries to your system and store energy produced through the day for the evening hours, but those batteries are expensive and you always have to keep a look out for them. It is just like maintaining your car battery except now you have 10 at one place. On top of that you have to keep your solar panels clean, so you could obtain the full potential of your panels. Birds are no longer welcome around your house, if they were, ever… And now you have to climb on your roof at least twice per month to check for some cracks or other damage. Oh well, the price you have to pay for living green and having your own power plant. To minimize your initial dive with money, check for some combo deals and know that solar panels are rated in three tiers. 1, 2, 3. And you are looking for a Tier 1 panel : Bosch, Suntech, Trina, Schott, Canadian Solar, Sunpower, Renesola, JA Solar, Panasonic, REC and more.

Wind In The Sales

Wind In The Sales

I remember when all the fuss about green energy started the wind generators were an obvious solution. Yes, and now. We are talking about ways for us to generate power in our homes. There are two types of wind generators: with vertical and horizontal axes. However to unlock to power of a wind turbine you need to be located somewhere without no obstacles around you. The turbine needs so called “clean” laminar air. That means a constant flow of wind. I live in Australia and currently there are no standards about small wind generators. You might want to check out those for some references. You can browse and compare some solutions here. Wind generators and solar panel systems are often combined for maximum effect. In Australia this is the main green energy supply, but I think that solar power is more comfortable for use at home. And if you live in an apartment building… well good luck installing a wind turbine near by.

Water Turbine

Water Turbine

Those three are generally the most common ways people produce energy at home. (Except with potatoes) But the water turbine demands for you to buy a house near a river or some source of running water. Which is … I don’t know if you do it only to make some minor amount of energy…You are crazy ! If you love living near your fishing place however it is ideal. Sadly the technology is a bit left behind. At least the one that is suppose to be used publicly. You have your solar energy, you have your wind energy and you can find wind and sunlight everywhere, but running FREE water…I doubt it. And that is the simple truth behind the lack of solutions on the market. When we give it a second thought… What if you have a water feature in your garden? You already have a pump that is working and is cycling your water. You can easily make a generator on your own with a bit of skills and some garage waste. It wont produce much power, it depends on the scales of your landscape water feature. But if you can produce the amount of power, that your pump is obtaining, it is a WIN! You can turn it into a part of your decoration, a waterfall with a water wheel that is making your pump and garden light run… Sounds too good to be true, but actually it is not impossible. You need some spare parts and an engineer diploma. Kidding, but it is not everyone, bare that in mind and turn it into a hobby project. DIY is a thing!

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