20 Before-And-After Transformation Pics Of Dogs That Got Adopted

Published 11 months ago

Adopting a dog not only changes their life but also transforms the lives of their new human companions. The online community  r/BeforeNAfterAdoption shares transformation pictures capturing the incredible physical and emotional progress that dogs make after finding their forever families.

Let’s celebrate the power of love and compassion through these inspiring before-and-after pictures of dogs that found their forever homes.

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#1 Leon, All He Knew Was To Hide From Humans, To Run Away From Everyone And Everything, And Once He Was At The Bulgarian Shelter, He Was So Scared He Didn’t Even Come Out From Behind His Little Hut To Eat. I Can’t Believe How Far He’s Came In The Two Years Since We Found Each Other

Image source: detrinirki

#2 We Have Quite A Few, But This Is My Favorite 180* Change

Image source: AlwaysAmara

#3 Did We Give My Bebe Her Best Life? You Gosh Darn Right We Did!! We’re Still Working Through Her Issues But Her Indomitable Spirit Keeps Us Going. She’s My Role Model! Three Cheers For Qtip

Image source: Dreadknot84

#4 Best Buds, Then And Now

Image source: RobertMRodriguez

#5 Kodiak’s Before And After ?

Image source: agiek

#6 Saw This Tripod In The Shelter And Knew I Was Supposed To Be His Pawrent. Say Hi To Mr Trio Tripod!

Image source: Zebsnotdeadbaby

#7 Azalea! Followed The Sounds Of A Dog Barking To Find This Poor Thing Living In A Gross Outdoor Kennel. Offered The People $50 For Her. Three Hours Later, She Was Already The “After” Pic At The Vet Being Held By Her New Foster Mom. Who Kept Her

Image source: gkpetrescue

#8 Milly, Truly A Remarkable Recovery/Story!

Image source: benitolepew

#9 How It Started… How It’s Going

Image source: flameheaded

#10 Kaze The Rescue Pup

Image source: CentriusDW

#11 Almost To Our 2nd Gotcha Day!

Image source: Icy_Procedure9385

#12 Our 4th Anniversary Together!

Image source: MsNagel

#13 Homeless To Happy Ending

Image source: perchance2dream84

#14 From Mangy Street Baby To Couch Potato

Image source: allegedlydm

#15 From Mitey To Mighty Update – Our Foster Bones’ Progress 2+ Months After We Found Him

Image source: Ap_Kp

#16 Ausra Was Guam Stray That Was Infested With Mange To The Point In Which She Could Barely Walk. Someone Posted Her Pictures On Fb And We Took Her In And Healed Her Up. Now She’s Loving Life With Us In Our New Home In Chicago

Image source: puffinfish89

#17 What A Difference 9 Months Makes

Image source: Hactar42

#18 The Second Day I Brought Kenai Home vs. Now

Image source: xxDisturbed

#19 He Was Surrendered To Me For Having Seizures, Now Hes Improved So Much With Good Nutrition And Lots Of Vet Visits!

Image source: Hoperosaliex

#20 From Starved And Packed With Dirt To A Spoiled Baby

Image source: FrickinBear

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