30 Pets That Found Their Fur-Ever Homes

Published 1 year ago

While there are so many homeless animals living on the streets and we want to save them all, it’s not always physically possible. However, it’s great to see those wholesome moments when a stray or shelter animal finally finds their fur-ever home. 

Watching them slowly come to the realisation that they are safe and secure is a heartwarming moment indeed. While we thank those who opened their hearts and their homes to these adorable furballs let’s take a peek at all the rescued pet images and hopefully be inspired to follow this amazing example of human kindness going forward.

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#1 Before/After Of The 5yo Rescue Dog We Adopted Last Week

Image source: GoldenHourShower

#2 I Adopted A Cat To Try To Bring More Stability In My Life… Looks Like She’s Only Going To Bring More Chaos. This Is After 2 Hours Of Getting Her

Image source: amonaroll

#3 They Just Met Yesterday And Are Already Enamored With Each Other

Image source: Gaiiiiiiiiiiil

#4 Adopted Him From A Shelter As A Energetic And Sassy Cat, I Have Him Now For 2 Days And He Is Basically Just Cuddling And Sleeping

Image source: UnterhosenDiebin

#5 Just Adopted This Sweetheart. She Headbutts For Pets. Meet Lizzie Everyone

Image source: HydroponicGirrafe

#6 Adopted A Dumpster Kitty, This Is Charles. Charles On The Way To His Neutering Appointment (Not Excited)

Image source: CrabRangoonHands

#7 Just Adopted This Little Carbon Copy Of Our Gamora

Image source: Cold_Recognition_878

#8 Kitten I Adopted This Weekend Fell Asleep Holding My Hand

Image source: floopytacos

#9 Today I Broke The News To Loki That He Was Adopted And Used To Be Named Egghead. He’s Still In Shock

Image source: estoyborracha

#10 This Is Pudding, I Adopted Him – He Has No Teeth So Keeping His Tongue In Is Hard…

Image source: ComprehensiveBus4933

#11 We Decided To Adopt 4-Month-Old Sisters

Image source: playblu

But then 2 weeks later found out their brother (orange) was the last from the litter left at the shelter and his adoption fell through. So now we have Amos, Freya, and Astrid. Yup, same litter.

#12 Adopted Baby

Image source: Caratteraccio

#13 Rescued This Beautiful Baby Today

Image source: tonerboner7

#14 Meet Beans & Cheese Our New Rescue Rats

Image source: Xavimoose

#15 Say Hello To Wednesday! Just Adopted Her Yesterday

Image source: lextheeaquarius

#16 I Adopted A Very Polite And Handsome Gentleman This Week! Meet Miso!

Image source: ramentobi

#17 This Is Archie. We Adopted Him Last Week. He’s Settled In Really Well

Image source: T_raltixx

#18 Adopted This Sweet Girl Two Weeks Ago

Image source: modern_mandalorian

#19 Say “Hello” To Joy

Image source: Money-Chicken5165

#20 My Parents Just Rescued This Sweet Girl From A Breeding Mill

Image source: Bladedge11

#21 Just Rescued An Adult Cat. Is This Behavior Normal For Ex-Street Cats? He Loves Sticks, Rods, Poles, Rulers, And Anything Long And Straight. I Love Him And All Of His Weirdness

Image source: yungPH

#22 I Think We’re On Week Two That My Wife Rescued This Puppy Out In The Middle Of A Field. He Was Living In Tires

Image source: rednoseblue

#23 Just Adopted This Sweet Senior Girl And I Couldn’t Be Happier!

Image source: purrrrrito_

#24 Drove 2 Hours Each Way And Took A Ferry To Adopt This Beefcake From The Animal Shelter

Image source: Snoo_87023

Incredibly handsome and polite. Begins purring violently the second you make eye contact with him. Makes that “eck eck eck eck eck” sound when he sees a bird through the window. 20/10 star cat.

#25 Had An Adoption Party For My Foster Fail…everyone Welcome Blade To The Family

Image source: ksstrng

#26 I Adopted Her Yesterday; I Think She Feels At Home

Image source: UninspiredMel

#27 Heres My Adopted Baby, Rubi

Image source: AdventurousRaisin873

#28 A Few Days After Adopting Her, I Think She’s Pretty Comfy Here!

Image source: Just_Contribution168

#29 Just Adopted This Sweet One Ear Girl

Image source: macaro312

#30 My Orange Boio Pumpkin Has Been Adopted By A Gremlin Child

Image source: Bordy-Bee

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