30 Adorably Pregnant Animals That Were Spotted And Snapped At Just The Right Moment

Published 1 year ago

While pregnancy is supposed to give a beautiful glow and is one of the most romanticized feats for us glorified mammals, the reality can be a tad tedious in terms of the toll it takes on the physical body. It appears that the same can be said for animals as it can for humans about how it makes expecting mama’s look. While we understand carrying a little one inside one’s body is no laughing matter, it bodes well to take everything in life with a lighter view.

If you’re pregnant or just in need of a cute pick-me-up after a Debbie-Downer of a day, skim through this adorable collection of pet mama’s snaps that are sure to put a smile on your face with their roly-poly preggers bellies and the all-too relatable expressions on their faces.

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#1 This Pregnant Hairless Cat Is 300% Done, She Can’t Even


#2 A Big-Belly Seahorse Relaxes In The Evening Sun. A Shot Was Taken In 2017 Under A Pier In Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia

Image source: matt_testoni_photography

#3 So My Brother’s Dog Is Pregnant And This Is How She Sleeps

Image source: jen_nguyenx

#4 A Pregnant Zebra At Masai Mara National Park


Image source: bfaik

#5 Babies Are Coming

Image source: dream_weaver101

#6 Pregnant Leopard Resting At Karnataka Forest

Image source: shaji_mathilakam

#7 Y’all Ever Seen A Pregnant Chameleon?

Image source: ThaumielKeter

#8 Saw A Pregnant Squirrel For The First Time Today. I’m Not Sure What I Expected But This Exceeds All Of It

Image source: HotsumaGumby

#9 A Pregnant Black Rhino About 20m From Our Car

Image source: fabulosajornada

#10 My Friend’s Pregnant Goat

Image source: goodlyearth

#11 For Those Who Haven’t Seen A Pregnant Groundhog

Image source: Squatront

#12 Very Pregnant Squirrel Had No Fear – So I Gave Her Some Peanuts

Image source: JDoctorick

#13 Elephants Have The Longest Pregnancy Period Of Any Living Mammal – They’re Pregnant From 18 To 22 Months

#14 Our Male Weedy Sea Dragon During Pregnancy! You Can See His Eggs Attached To His Tail

Image source: GeorgiaAquarium

#15 Bloat? Nope, It’s A Baby Bump! One Of Our Eagle Rays Is Pregnant – We Think It’s Super Cute

Image source: 2oceansaquarium

#16 8.5 Weeks Pregnant Mamma Cat

Image source: GregariousWaterfall

#17 My Friend Caught Her Very Pregnant Cat Sitting Like This

Image source: Fruitqueen

#18 She’s Only Days Away From Having Her Calf

#19 Congratulations, It’s A Guinea Piglet

Image source: garlicbreadsIut

#20 Baby Cheetah On The Way

Image source: thisisawesome.traveltips

#21 This Mama Seal Just Cooled Off In The Alsea Bay And Now She’s Warming Up In The Sun


#22 Pregnant Goat Units

Image source: skippin_kid

#23 We’re Gonna Need A Lot More Pickles, Ice Cream, And In-N-Out Burgers. Pupper Patties Will Be Coming Soon

Image source: heyitskula

#24 This Rat Getting An Ultrasound

In the world of animal sheltering, expecting the unexpected is pretty much par for the course. Well, we’re not the only ones “expecting” these days…it turns out that Polly the rat is pregnant! This wouldn’t be quite as much of a surprise if it weren’t for Polly coming to HSCC with her “pal” Tony and both were assumed to be males  Thanks to our new on-site ultrasound, our suspicions over Polly’s growing tummy were confirmed. Never a dull moment at HSCC!

Image source: Humane Society of Chittenden County

#25 Mojo Is So Done With This Whole Pregnant Thing

Image source: Raikit

#26 Eating Healthy Is An Essential Part Of Being Pregnant

Image source: rooparani.clickz

#27 Our Firstborn Is All Grown Up And Soon To Become A Mummy Too

Poor thing, I know exactly how she feels, heavy, massive and fed up. (Though she was pretty massive before getting preggers, her belly didn’t however quite drag on the floor a few months back). We could feel the little piglets kicking through her belly. A few more weeks to go! Did you know, that a pig’s normal gestation period is 3 months, 3 weeks and 3 days?

Image source: laurenr.olander

#28 She’s Over This Pregnancy

Image source: NieNieL

#29 We Got To Witness A Giraffe In Labor On The Safari At Animal Kingdom. Something Very Rare That Never Happens

Image source: joyandtreasure

#30 “It Was Fun At First But I Need This To End Now”

Image source: junkholiday

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