Flying Bird Murals In The Streets Of Italy By Eron

Published 9 years ago

Herons and seagulls are not a usual sight in many cities, but street artist Eron had brought some to the walls of Riccione. Each bird is depicted on a mural in a series of dynamic in-flight poses, like sequential flip-book images. And since the murals are painted on walls at the side of the road, motorists can see and imagine a flock of birds flying alongside them.

Eron has a storied history in street art. “Al Magazine” awarded him the title of best Italian street artist at the end of 90s, and he has been invited to display his works in personal and collective exhibitions together with names such as Obey, Ericailcane, Blu, Ozmo and Phase 2.

He was even invited to paint a mural on a church ceiling, which is somewhat unusual for street artists.

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