Rodiculous Artwork Sold For Millions Of Dollars

Published 7 years ago

What may look like a picture your 3-4-year-old son or daughter would bring from daycare for you to admire and put on the fridge or a sample of wall paint presented at the home supply store is called advanced modern art, sold for millions of dollars and displayed at the private collections of the richest houses. Remember the unsolved mystery of the iconic Black Square and the criticism the artist received for it? Well, that will give you an idea of how exquisite and pretentious the artwork I gathered below is. Just as contemplating modern art in attempts to understand its meaning and admire the skills of artists like you’d normally do in a classic art gallery doesn’t make too much justifying the price of some of the paintings or the paintings, in general, makes no man great either.

The tastes are different, the ways and forms people feel this world and express themselves are endless. But, after seeing some of the art pieces and learning how much money people received/paid for them I can’t help but question my occupation, imagination as well as my mental abilities. Cause, no matter how close or how long I look, I seem to be completely unable to understand the meaning of a Maroon square (pretty color, but that’s it) or interpret the painting which looks like an old-fashioned blackboard that got scribbled by a naughty student.

Maybe, pushing people’s minds to seek the meaning in something that’s quite simple and inspire their imagination is the essential purpose of modern art, but those who appreciate the classic masterpieces and praise traditional artists, photographers and sculptors find it quite difficult to appreciate 4 thin stripes painted over a large red canvas or find the beauty in a photograph of an earthy potato on a black backdrop.

We can argue the skills of the artists who’re responsible for these works, the message their art is bearing, the purpose of the paintings, the beauty they capture and the emotions they evoke. But one thing that is completely indisputable that these ridiculously priced artworks made their creators incredibly rich. Watch and learn, as they say.

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Untitled (1970) by Cy Twombly – $69.6 Million

White Fire I by Barnett Newman – $3.8 Million

Jackson Pollock’s No.5 – $140 Million

Blood Red Mirror by Gerhard Richter – $1.1 Million

Kevin Abosch’s Potato #345 – $1 Million

Willem de Kooning’s Woman III – $137,5 Million

Concetto spaziale, Attese by Lucio Fontana – $1.5 Million

Blue Fool by Christopher Wool – $5 Million

Black Fire 1 by Barnett Newman – $84.2 Million

Riot (1990) by Christopher Wool – $29.9 Million

Anna’s Light by Barnett Newman – $105.7 Million

Onement Vi by Barnett Newman – $43,8 Million

Mark Rothko’s No 1 (Royal Red And Blue) – $75,1 million

I’m really sorry for including this… but it’s a collector’s can of artist’s sh*t (literally) – €124,000

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