Tidying Up Art: Ursus Wehrli Deconstructs Famous Paintings

Published 10 years ago

Ursus Wehrli, a Swiss comedian and experimental artist, shows us how modern art should really look like. In his “Tidying Up Art” series, he deconstructs famous paintings, stacking up their elements by size, color or form, or by otherwise sorting out the unbearable mess of modern art.

Wehrli passionately tries to convince us that his quirky reworks of famous paintings are actually doing late famous artists like Picasso or Miro a favor and that they should have known better. He masterfully turned his peculiar craving for tidiness and organization into a new experimental art form.

 Be sure to view Ursus Wehrli’s hilarious TEDx talk video below the images, where he explains what’s up with his art, and try your own organizing skills by downloading his app.

Source: kunstaufraeumen.ch

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Vincent Van Gogh “Bedroom in Arles”

René Magritte “Golconda”

Paul Klee “Farbtafel”

Egon Schiele “Reclining Female Nude”

Pablo Picasso “The Red Armchair”

Georges Seurat “Les Poseuses” (Pointillism)

Wassily Kandinsky “Sky Blue”

Joan Miró “The Gold of the Azure”

Peter Bruegel “The Fight Between Carnival and Lent”

Vincent van Gogh “Sunflowers”

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