Here’s How The Internet Reacted To Saint Laurent Releasing Roller Skate Heels That Cost $2000

Published 7 years ago

Thinking you’re too grown up for roller skating? Nonsense! Fashion house Yves Saint Laurent is making it fashionable again with these roller skate stiletto heels which add a ‘Ludicrous mode’ to you footwear.

The new design comes together with the new creative director in the house, Anthony Vaccarello, who revealed a head-turning model as part of the latest accessories collection. This breakthrough in fashion will set you back around $2000 (and that’s not including the medical bill).

Does this remind you in any way the $185 Prada paper clip? And would you like to try these out? Let us know in the comments!

More info: yves saint laurent (h/t: hungertv)

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Here’s what happened on Twitter after the announcement:

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And if this doesn’t satisfy your thirst for exquisite fashion, then take a look at this $185 Prada paper clip.


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