20 Photos Of Metropolis That Look Like A Dystopian Hell

Published 4 weeks ago

In the digital age, where social media platforms often showcase idyllic landscapes and picture-perfect moments, there exists a corner of the internet that delves into the opposite end of the spectrum. Welcome to “Urban Hell,” an online group dedicated to sharing images from some of the most dystopian-looking places that humans have constructed. In this curated collection of urban decay, users offer a raw and unfiltered glimpse into the underbelly of our modern world.

From towering concrete jungles to dilapidated industrial complexes, the photographs featured in “Urban Hell” evoke a sense of eeriness and foreboding. Each image tells a story of neglect, selfishness, decay, and the relentless march of time.

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#1 Residential Units In Hong Kong

Image source: biwook

Quwiyint: “This is what I was talking about in above post, this kind of stuff is soul crushingly depressing.”

#2 The Border Between The Brazilian City Of “Manaus” And The Amazon Rainforest

Image source: BulkaZmaslem

J Nord: “Manaus iterally means exorcism in Finnish”

#3 Agbobloshie (Ghana) This Suburb Of Accra Is Western Europe’s Preferred Dumping Ground For Electronic Waste. Population Affected: +40,000

Image source: AkaGurGor

Libstak: “All that wasted material, how can it not be better to recycle?”

#4 Trash Next To La Saline Market, Port-Au-Prince, Haiti

Image source: biwook

Libstak: “Sorry but is there ANY part of Haiti that is remotely liveable at this point….there is no rule of law there besides the gun and machete.”

#5 Garbage In A Canal, Basrah, Iraq

Image source: biwook

SCamp: “Oh that’s just f****g appalling!”

#6 “Me First!!!!” Mentality (In Viet Nam Btw)

Image source: Vietcong777

Evan: “i went to bali on a vacation, and this is literally the traffic. There arent even traffic lights”

sbj: “I can’t cope with the selfish way people drive in the country where I live at junctions but if I experienced this I would get out my car and just lie on the floor crying”

#7 Island Heat Effect ✨

Image source: nyorkkk

#8 Anti-Homeless Spikes In Guangzhou, China

Image source: ManbadFerrara

#9 Downtown Houston In The 1970s Was Just A Massive Parking Lot

Image source: stgia

#10 Newcastle, England 1970s

Image source: DonkeyNandos

#11 Airbnb Listing Says “Posh Location” – Bangkok, Thailand

Image source: mistresscakeslut

#12 Which Urban Hell Do Y’all Prefer, American Hell Or Chinese Hell?

Image source: RoundTurtle538

#13 Every Building You See Is A Parking Garage. White Plains, NY

Image source: redditreloaded

#14 Saratoga Springs Utah Temple

Image source: Comrade_Jane_Jacobs

#15 Built Up Tunnel In Napoli

Image source: longwaytotokyo

#16 Smog At The River In New Delhi – No, That Is Not Ice On The Water

Image source: jeandolly

Quwiyint: “So then, what is it? Foam of some kind?”

meh: “Industrial pollutants in the river Yamuna, Delhi.”

#17 Income Inequality In Mumbai, India

Image source: kalid34

Libstak: “It breaks my heart knowing babies are being born into that abomination of an existence every freaking hour.”

#18 The Michigan Theater In Detroit. Closed In 1976 And Gutted To Put A 3 Story Parking Garage Inside. Many Remnants Of It Remain

Image source: Newgate1996

EP: “Whoa! This is just wrong. What happened to making it a library of a Starbucks lol. I’ve seen both of those repurposes in online pics. This could have been a multi store site if need be. Even a new car dealership all pretty and clean would be better than dirty garage!”

#19 Polluted Haze Above Dubai

Image source: fischbroetchen22

Austin Sauce: “Fifth Element vibes”

#20 Milano, Italy

Image source: schiantoRG

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