Welcome To The Town Where Halloween Lasts All Year Long

Published 7 years ago

It’s, of course, the infamous witch trials that made Salem’s name known to the world and to this day the town attracts tourists as the spookiest town in The United States where Halloween never ends.

Everything in town is associated with witches: the local police cars have witch logos on them, the public elementary school is known as Witchcraft Heights, and even the high school athletics teams are names “Witches”, so no wonder that the towns biggest holiday is Halloween that last year attracted over 250 000 visitors.

Whether you’re panning on going there on October 31st or in the middle of May, be sure to check out the local Witch House as it is the only place in town with direct links to the witch trials. It is the former home of one of the judges and it will introduce you to the XVII’s century’s culture. The Salem Witch Museum is also a sight to see if you want to know more about the event that made the town famous.

Even though satanism isn’t the same as Wicca, Salem is a home to an international headquarters of the Satanic Temple that was opened here just last year, so if you’re eager to see how Baphomet sculpture looks like in real life, make sure to get your ticket. Stopping by the local occult shops to get your tarot cards is almost an essential part of the tour too or you’re invited to choose the haunted house experience, if you’re looking for something spookier.

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This year’s Halloween celebrations in Salem has already attracted a record number of people

The town that’s famous for witchcraft has its own Official Witch of Salem, a title earned by Laurie Cabot for her work with special needs children

Satanic Temple that opened its doors in Salem last year is only one of the dark and mysterious tourist attractions in town

The Witch Museum is another popular attraction here

Source: the Salem news

The town really comes alive at night

Source: the Salem news

And stays alive with lights, fireworks, live concerts, and, of course, trick-or-treating

Source: the Salem news


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