Intricate Sand Paintings By Joe Mangrum

Published 10 years ago

Since 2006, American artist Joe Mangrum has been packing bags of coloured sand and decorating NYC pavement with his striking sand paintings. Most of his creations are quite psychedelic and look like large mandalas, uniting spontaneous creation and deep meditation. He sees them as living creatures, stretched over the pavement and displaying their exotic forms, patterns and vibrant colours. The most beautiful part of Mangrum’s works is their temporality – the sand he has tenderly poured throughout the day is gently blown away by the night’s wind.

Mangrum finished The School at the Art Institute of Chicago, but he’s been exploring many different art forms since he was 8 years old. photography, site-specific art, environmental art, ephemeral installations, traditional and temporary painting – he’s tried it all.

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“Asynchronous Syntropy” a “Swept Away project” at Museum of Arts and Design NYC from joe Mangrum on Vimeo.

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