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Terrifying Muzzle Turns Your Dog Into A Werewolf

Published 5 years ago

Muzzles are supposed to make the dogs safer and less scary. Except for this Russian ‘Werewolf’ model, which makes the tiniest pup into a snarling, bloodthirsty monster. Of course, the effect is just superficial. The fierce look and jagged, bloody teeth are there for the show. The muzzle is made from non toxic plastic, and the straps are nylon. The inside of the muzzle is made from leather for easier wear.

The ‘Werewolf’ muzzle is sold by ‘Zveryatam’, a Russian online store, and can be yours for about $30. Be careful, however: while many countries have muzzle requirements for dogs, some of those countries also have somewhat liberal gun laws. Having this muzzle around the wrong people might result in dead dogs!

More info: Krlmhl | (h/t: Bored Panda)

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Image source: Alexey Kurulyov


Image source:


Image source:


Image source: Alexey Kurulyov

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