40 Funny ‘Screenshots With Or Without Context’

Published 2 months ago

Ever noticed how our phone’s screenshot folders are like a treasure trove of randomness? They’re filled with everything from tried-and-failed recipes and uplifting quotes saved during tough times to memes that cracked us up a little too much. Some screenshots are so old that we scratch our heads trying to remember the context.

Enter the Facebook page “Screenshots With or Without Context.” It’s like a digital collage of the internet’s finest moments. From clever posts to absurd text messages from exes, it’s a curated collection of the best the online world has to offer. Take a scroll and discover gems that are hilariously self-explanatory – well, maybe just a tad mysterious.

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Image source: sstooc


Image source: sstooc

Did I say that out loud? (he/him)cis/het: All the way up…and over the back in my case.


Image source: sstooc

Panda Kicki: What a lovely couple! Better love story than Twilight!


Image source: sstooc

Jeff White: There always seems to be casualties …


Image source: sstooc

CK: That’s what I was going to say!


Image source: sstooc

Watermelon_gum (she/her) (edited): “Hypnotically Caucasian”


Image source: sstooc


Image source: sstooc, puddlecow

SheamusFanFrom1987: At least OP won’t need to waste her/his time on that anymore. It has all passed.


Image source: sstooc


Image source: sstooc

minji: Points for creativity


Image source: sstooc, fesshole

Jack Burton: I have a Lisa at home and a Homer.


Image source: sstooc

HeavyMetalHeart: I can’t work full time due to health issues so I do need the money from the flat I rent out, to pay the mortgage and other bills. It’s part of my basic income, which is not high, so yeah, it’s a problem of money is late.


Image source: sstooc, jasonarewhy


Image source: sstooc, tomgara

Ritchat: Don’t bring her to the British museum.


Image source: sstooc

Alewa: I’m sure glad humans are always held accountable for their management decisions.


Image source: sstooc, MonicaLewinsky

Panda Kicki: Monica is awesome!


Image source: sstooc

Lyone Fein: For now


Image source: sstooc

Michele Viney: Why does she have 42 unread messages? That would do my head in.


Image source: sstooc

minji: Sounds like a cool dad tho.


Image source: sstooc

Marcellus II: I respect an expert that ignores the urge to expound beyond their expertise. That’s sadly not as common as you hope.


Image source: sstooc

Jeff White: Caught me off guard. Solid observation.


Image source: sstooc


Image source: sstooc

YourLocalChicken (edited): him: “THANK YOU FOR OXYGEN!!” – Tree: “Np bro.”


Image source: sstooc

Daria: wendigo approves


Image source: sstooc

JoyfulZebra: I read the landlord’s text in Mr. Fischoeder’s voice


Image source: sstooc


Image source: sstooc

Jason: Me myself and I?


Image source: sstooc

Robert Millar: What kind of meat does Moe serve?


Image source: sstooc

Emma S: The ‘be good’ comment as he slips below the water still gets me now.


Image source: sstooc


Image source: sstooc

sbj: As much as I love Football this would probably more interesting then some matches I’ve seen


Image source: sstooc

Chihuahua Mama: Lol


Image source: sstooc

Ovata Acronicta: There’s plenty of space! Go claim your spot, and ponder. I’ll be there in a minute to join everyone.


Image source: sstooc

RabidChild: Are they their own teeth or the teeth of their previous enemies?


Image source: sstooc

mr_sarcastic: Something tells me John would be against social media


Image source: sstooc

Mimi La Souris: weird placement choice, healing must have been complicated


Image source: sstooc, DiegoComedy

Jeff White: Leave it to a 5 y.o. to be so clever


Image source: sstooc

Jason: Who tips their landlord? Also if feels vaguely threatening


Image source: sstooc

Luke Branwen: She’s #1 if only for that tagline in her name


Image source: sstooc

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