30 People Shared The Screenshots Of Funniest Conversations They Spotted On The Internet

Published 1 year ago

What do you do when you are having a funny conversation with someone or when you see a hilarious comment on some post over social media? Take a screenshot? Yup, most people instantly click on the screenshot buttons to preserve it as a meme and to share it with friends.

The subreddit r/screenshots is entirely dedicated to those funny screenshots. They have collected so many amusing conversations that this online page has become a storehouse for ‘internet gold’. Check out some of the hilarious posts in the gallery below.

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#1 Not A Ww3 Related Post

Image source: lorven97

#2 Where’s The Lie

Image source: mrwnomega

#3 Albert

Image source: emily_jinkies

#4 Number Neighborhood

Image source: __CarmenSanDiego__

#5 This Is Needed!

Image source: Mr-Irrelevance

#6 He’s Not Wrong

Image source: Hairy_McClairy

#7 Puffer Puffer Pass

Image source: bleach_on_the_rocks

#8 Why Was The Egg Banned?

Image source: TrufflesTheCat

#9 Okk

Image source: _OhhSam_

#10 Legend

Image source: RobRaziel

#11 Big Ooof

Image source: madhatterwitch2001

#12 Oh My God

Image source: jeannesawyer

#13 Watermelons Having Better Social Life Than Me

Image source: tf_happens

#14 Try It!

Image source: Mars2050orbust

#15 What Are The Odds

Image source: Depression-R-Us

#16 It Be Like That

Image source: L8nighttalk25

#17 This Is From New Years 2017 Going Into 18, But This Still Makes Me Smile Every Time I Revisit It. I Texted My Dads Phone Number On New Years, Drunk And Sad. And I Honestly Didn’t Expect To Get A Response

Image source: reddit.com

#18 Well, Reddit?

Image source: TrashClear483

#19 Right In The Feels

Image source: freakytahz

#20 Hmm

Image source: Hasch_wald

#21 Your Joking Right?

Image source: kaylee3005

#22 An R/Askreddit Post Answered Itself

Image source: All_the_glitter

#23 I Can’t Even Begin

Image source: jeannesawyer

#24 A Sheet

Image source: reddit.com

#25 5 Hours Crafts

Image source: tf_happens

#26 The Normal Response ?

Image source: TrufflesTheCat

#27 Around The Globe

Image source: jungqama

#28 He Had Us In The First Half

Image source: targetsamrat

#29 Well

Image source: reddit.com

#30 I Love These Types Of Comments Man!

Image source: JohnnyJohnnie

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