25 Times Parents Were Embarrassed By Their Kids, As Shared Online

Published 5 months ago

Parenting is a challenging yet rewarding journey filled with heartwarming moments and, at times, those that leave parents feeling like they’d rather disappear into the ground. Kids have an uncanny ability to surprise and embarrass their parents in the most unexpected and amusing ways.

Many of these priceless moments have been shared by parents in this online thread. Let’s take a look at some kids who have hilariously embarrassed their parents, as documented and shared by their amused caregivers.

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Image source: Comprehensive-Sea-63, Julia Volk

My daughter screamed ‘SERIOUSLY?’ in church when they made the congregation stand one too many times for her liking. She’s nine.


Image source: lisette729, Kamaji Ogino

My daughter mooned the grocery store while I was putting our stuff on the counter to be scanned. I have no idea how long she had her pants down, but I heard laughing and turned and there she was, butt hanging out.


Image source: gOldMcDonald, Marcus Chan

Dad here. We were at the grocery store and saw this monster of a man, definitely a bodybuilder – he was like 6’3” 250 pounds of muscle. We pass him in an aisle and my boy (3 or 4 at the time) says to him “my dad can beat you up”. I look at the giant man and he just smirks (in a non threatening way). We go about our business as usual (no; I didn’t correct my son, I let him think I was Superman as long as he wanted too)


Image source: huggle-snuggle, Pokuri Clicks Photography

When my son was about 1.5, he pointed at a woman’s generous cleavage with a confused face and asked her “bum”?

It was more funny than embarrassing but it was my first realization that kids have zero filter.


Image source: Lost_n_spaced, cottonbro studio

My 3 year old was singing about dinosaurs loudly at the grocery store and I told her I loved her singing, but asked her to please use her inside voice. She randomly came out with “Im sorry mommy! Please dont lock me in the closet!” And a whole bunch of people turned to look at me. I’ve never once locked her in a closet! Theres no room in our closet even if I wanted to!


Image source: BlumeKraft, Anete Lusina

My son would ask random men if they were his daddy. I am married to his father!!! He knows exactly who his dad is!


Image source: 53Thatswhatshesaid53, Karolina Grabowska

My son went through a very long phase of trying to put his finger in belly buttons when he was a toddler. If he was near me, he was reaching for my belly button. So annoying. Anyway, kiddo was 2 1/2 or so and I was really sick and had no one to watch my son, so I took him to urgent care with me. There was a very large man in a very small t-shirt, that prominently showed of his massive black hole of a belly button. I didn’t notice the man or his belly button at first, but kiddo sure did. I’m signing into the doctor, and kiddo is struggling to be put down. I put him down and he makes a bee line for this guy with his little finger pointing at the object of his obsession. Kiddo get’s to this guy, pulls the t-shirt up, and plunges is whole tiny fist into this massive, hairy belly button. The guy was super nice about it. Wasn’t even offended when I took kiddo to the rest room to wash his hand really well. Then the three of us spent an eternity in that waiting room. Kiddo was angry he couldn’t fondle the strangers button, the guy was not comfortable at all about any of it, and I just wanted to sink into the floor.


Image source: Worried_Trifle8985, cottonbro studio

At a funeral and 3/4 of the way through the priest is saying something about going home, and in this huge church comes a high pitched voice ” He died?” It brought the service to a halt, you couldn’t help but laugh.


Image source: LaTeeter, Janko Ferlic

We were standing in line to get on a plane and my oldest (who was 3 at the time) pointed to the man directly behind us who had a very large stomach and said very loudly “he is having a baby!”

Luckily he was such a good sport and was so kind. But I had to explain a couple things to her after that haha


Image source: jordiculous, Karolina Grabowska

We were at Target and my son was about 3 at time and he grabbed tampons off the shelf and said “here’s the things you put up your butt, mom!”


Image source: crochetmama1, kian zhang

In 2020 when I had to bring my 2yo daughter to the store with me, she would see everyone with a mask on and start fake coughing loudly. She associated masks with doctors and being sick I guess. It was cringe worthy and I had to rush out of the store because I couldn’t get her to stop. Everyone would give us nasty looks. The store finally offered pick up orders so we avoided the store for a long time ?


Image source: chlorinegasattack, Alexander Grey

A little person walked by us in the store qnd my son shouted “daddy that lady is so tiny. Daddy I love her she is so tiny.”

Lol God damn it.


Image source: OniOdisCornukaydis, mohamed abdelghaffar

I had just gone to the bathroom after a big pork chop dinner at a nice restaurant. The stench was heavy on the air, but there was nothing I could do about it. The pork chops had cleared out the pipes.

As I came out of the stall, a father and his young son came in and the kid shouts, “Holy cow! What the hell died in here? It stinks!”

Then he makes eye contact with me in the mirror as I’m washing my hands, points, and goes “Was that YOU? Yuck!!!”

I’m not easily embarrassed, and I laughed, but I have to admit, this kid had nailed me to the wall, and I *was* a little embarrassed. His dad seemed to notice that, and goes, without missing a beat, “Yeah, well Josh. When you take a c**p it doesn’t exactly smell like flowers either.“

Wherever that guy is, I salute you. Dads of the world unite.


Image source: ZebraZombies101, Keira Burton

In the grocery store this weekend, my son yelled “why is that lady screaming at her baby?!” in a very loud, very shocked tone. It was embarrassing for everyone around but maybe now that lady won’t be screaming at her toddler in public anymore.


Image source: bacchuslife, Alejandro Robles Duque

Toddler threw wine bottles out of the shopping cart (2 of them, both red, shattered everywhere) and said screamed “no more wine Mommy”.


Image source: wyowow, Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Boston

We were at my daughters choir performance, sitting dead center in the front row. Right before the performance starts, as the entire room is dead silent and the choir director is lifting her arms, my seven year old rips the LOUDEST fart. Without missing a beat, he yells “Mom! Why did you fart?”.

I wanted to melt into the gym floor. All I could do was stare forward with my cheeks on fire.


Image source: DryLengthiness5574, Tim Mossholder

Took my daughter, I think she was three at the time, into the public restroom with me. She loudly started asking why I have hair on my butt…


Image source: sunflowercupcakee, Max Fischer

My daughter asks every bald man if he is her daddy, even if we are with her daddy.


Image source: OneAcanthocephala999, Katerina Holmes

Recently we were walking into the store right before a snowstorm, and naturally there were people hoarding cases of water into their car like it was about to be the apocalypse. My son (8, and loves math) looked at them as we were walking by and was LOUDLY asking why they needed so much water. I laughed it off, but this kid did the math of how many bottles were in each pack and how many cases they loaded into their car and was like “what are they going to do with 210 bottles of water at one time? they really couldn’t leave any for other people?”

He’s not wrong but shut up ?


Image source: huggle-snuggle, 100 files

We were in the pet food aisle of a grocery store and talking about how our dog was very old when he died and how our cat was quite old and we weren’t sure how much longer he would have to live.

This older woman was sharing the aisle with us and my 4yo son turns to point at her and says “so this lady…” and I had to scoop him up very quickly before he could finish his sentence.


Image source: Happy_Camper45, William Fortunato

After my daughter was potty trained, she liked the freedom of not having a diaper. One day, our daycare teacher called to see when I was coming to pick up my daughter because she was going to stay past her shift to talk to me about something. Naturally, I worried until I arrived at daycare.

Earlier in the day, my sweet cherub had grabbed herself (Michael Jackson style) and said, ‘I have a ‘gina’ then pointed directly to her teacher’s crotch and said, ‘And you do too.’ She then went around informing the other teachers that they too had ‘a ‘gina.’ Everyone had a good laugh that day. I was embarrassed but just shrugged and said, ‘Well, she’s not wrong.’


Image source: CuppyBees, Samuli Jokinen

An older woman wearing a big, black, cloak-looking jacket with a visible wart on her nose said hi to my daughter at the grocery store when she was almost 3. Daughter glared at her and immediately yelled “go away you’re a witch!”

She used to be obsessed with Snow White and honestly this lady did kinda look like the witch in that movie lol. As soon as I saw her I knew what my daughter would be thinking I was just praying she wouldn’t say it. The lady was actually pretty nice about it but I was so embarrassed lol.


Image source: dave_hitz, Rahul Singh

When my daughter was 2, we went on a long flight. At one point, a flight attendant was near, and my daughter looked up and said, “Piece of a*s!” The flight attendant gave me (father) the worst look! Like, I think she assumed that my daughter was repeating something that she had heard me say.

What I knew, however, was that my daughter had a bit of a funny accent when pronouncing certain words, and I explained to the flight attendant, “She would like a piece of *ice*. Ice.”

I don’t think she believed me, but she put some ice in a cup and handed it to my daughter who happily looked at it and said, “A*s! A*s!” At that, the flight attendant stated laughing and forgave me.


Image source: GlitteryFireUnicorn, mostafa meraji

My 4 year old daughter saw someone wearing a full niqab at a playground and said out loud “is she a ninja? It’s not even halloween?” I was so embarrassed


Image source: greenbox_36, Gustavo Fring

We were in a health and beauty shop. Not too many customers and talking about our holidays as we were shopping for sun tan lotion when my 5 year old pipes up with, ‘remember when you closed the pool at the hotel because you pooped in the pool’ a lady turned and started giggling. I was mortified.
The truth – someone did poop in the pool and the pool had to be shut for the day to clean it but I didn’t do it, see it or have anything to do with it. I didn’t even enter the pool that day ?

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