20 People Share The Most Painful Words They Heard As Kids From Their Parents

Published 11 months ago

Parents are the first influence in our lives and generally the most important too. While we may, as parents, aspire to uplift and support our kids, the truth can’t always be said for our own predecessors. 

One Reddit conversation dug deep into the past by asking people to recall their childhood and what their parents might have done or said that literally devastated them for life. Some incidents seem unintentional though no less detrimental to one’s self-esteem but some are downright cruelly unnecessary. However, it serves as a reminder that creating a child doesn’t automatically make one a parent. Parenting is a daily choice and a huge responsibility with a long-lasting impact that deserves more than some careless words. 

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Was over at a friend’s house one day. Her mother called her into the kitchen to yell at her about *how* she stacked the plates in the cupboard. She did the dishes without being asked, dried them, put them away, and was STILL in trouble for it. I walked into the kitchen just in time to hear, “I knew I should’ve killed myself when I found out the abortion failed.”

*That was like a brick wall to us both.* I called my mother to come pick me up and told her what happened. My friend stayed with us for the next couple of nights after that. Her mother told mine, “Keep her. I don’t care. I’m tired of looking at her stupid face anyway. She can’t do anything right.”

She spent the entire time at my house anxiously waiting for my mother to snap at her for something, while my mother spent the entire time trying to make her understand that she’s safe there.

Image source: VinarriAsh260, Andrea Piacquadio

#2 “I wish I had aborted you.” God, that hit me like a sword

Image source: Amalatun, Tatiana Syrikova


I was chubby for a portion of my childhood. At one point my dad told me other kids would mistake me for a girl because I was growing breasts because of my weight.

Who needs bullies at school when your parents can just come up with the worst insults?

Image source: Starkiller_303, Luna Lovegood

#4 “It’s your fault my life is so messed up.”

Image source: anon, Pixabay

#5 I went out a couple of times with a girl who was adopted while we were both in high school. One time I was over the house, she and her mom got into an argument, and her mom yelled out something along the lines of “Now I know why your parents put you up for adoption”. Never in my life have I heard anything half as cruel.

Image source: anon, Pixabay

#6 Someone blaming the child for something like a divorce happening. – Someone did that to my daughter and she won’t say who. But I tell her every time it’s not her fault and it’s mine and her mom’s fault. She cries every time she says it’s her fault we aren’t together. I don’t know who is saying that to her but they need their a*s kicked for it.

Image source: 3yx3, RDNE Stock project

#7 Children are meant to be seen and not heard. Decades later it still doesn’t feel natural to speak up.

Image source: Practical_Mood_7146, Andy Kuzma

#8 Dad used to make pig sounds when I ate. He still does it and I’m 39.

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I have custody of my 8 year old granddaughter. She was placed with me just weeks after her 6th birthday. During the time before her parents rights were terminated, they had visitation. My granddaughter had long hair that she hated having brushed. I asked her if she would like it short and she said she would but her momma wouldn’t like it. Well, we got it cut anyway. She was so happy with it! I figured her mom would at least pretend to like it because the kiddo was so excited. NOPE. Mom flat out told her she hated it. Absolutely crushed that child.

In just another couple of weeks the adoption will be final, so yeah. Her mom is a c**t.

Image source: enoughwiththisyear, Caleb Woods

#10 “Please God. Please just let her [unalive herself] already.” I overheard my mother praying this to God about 6 months before an attempt that led to 1.5 years in a hospital and 6 months in a group home… ??

Image source: yuyufan43, MART PRODUCTION

#11 “Why can’t you be like (insert name of cousin/neighbor/classmate/any random human being)?”

Image source: SterlingLevel, Noah Silliman

#12 My dad used to make all of his kids and my mom run laps in the yard to lose weight. This started when I was 10. He told me that “nobody would be your friend if they saw you in a swimsuit” at 8 when I got invited to a pool party at a friends house. As you can imagine, I struggle pretty hard with body image issues. These are the absolute tip of the iceberg of what that man has said to me.

Image source: Defiant-days, Julia Raasch

#13 Why didn’t you get an A. I got an A-. Nope. A+. Nope. Got 100%. Why didn’t you get extra credit. That’s when I gave up. My kid is a straight A student. Not one B. She’d get a 92 and the wife started that same BS my dad pulled. Nipped that in the bud.

Image source: Salt-Statistician638, cottonbro studio

#14 “You are not depressed, there is nothing wrong with you. You are just lazy and make up excuses all the time.”

Image source: SuvenPan, Dmitry Schemelev

#15 When child is showing any type of emotion and the parent says what is wrong with you in a disgusted manner

Image source: readitreddit240, Arwan Sutanto

#16 “I brought you into this world. I give you a roof over your head” In response to any protests of any kind from the child. Like, is that why you have children? To lord it over their heads that you gave them life till the end of your days?

Image source: Black_Feathered_Hair, Josh Applegate

#17 My parents always knew exactly how long it was until my 18th birthday, and would remind me that I’d be on my own when it arrived. It was the sword of Damocles hanging over my head, my whole childhood. I knew in my bones that I was not wanted or welcome, and that they looked forward to being free of me.

Image source: EarthExile, Pixabay

#18 A direct quote from my mom “everyone else has normal kids. What did I do get get stuck with you?” Me: should’ve used a condom and not abuse me. You get what you invest in

Image source: anon, Edi Libedinsky

#19 “ you’re so smart, but so lazy! If you just applied yourself….”

If I had a proper DX as a kid my life would he easier too >,>

Image source: PrincessPrincess00

#20 My mother told me almost every day that I was the reason she couldn’t go to college and become a lawyer.

Image source: amandaault, Chinh Le Duc

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