40 Most Creative Examples Of How To Fix Broken Stuff

Published 5 years ago

Dropped that ancient vase your great grandfather brought from his Middle East expedition in the 19th century? Happens. But it might not be trash just yet, as these creative fixes will show you in a second.

The guys at Bored Panda have compiled a list of these outside-the-box thinkers who patched their broken things in the most creative of ways. Which has actually inspired us to look at things a bit differently, like everything’s a mash of interchangeable parts.

Does this remind you of your own creative fix? By now you should know that we’re waiting to see it in the comments below!

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#1 Repair Broken Birdbath Using Recycled DVDs

Image source: meandmydiy

#2 When A Truck Bumped This Russian Man’s Car, He Decided To “Fix” It In The Most Creative Way

Image source: safralex

#3 Fix Broken Flower Pots By Turning Them Into Diy Fairy Gardens

Image source:  Badlay

#4 Creative Kid Draws On Wall, More Creative Mom Fixes It

Image source: jerschneid

#5 Lego Pieces Are Used To Repair And Fill Holes In Broken Walls

Image source: Jan Vormann

#6 My Boyfriend Fell Down Our Stairs On Thanksgiving Day. Instead Of Fixing The Hole, We Got Creative

Image source: Rwolinski

#7 Repair Torn Couch With Lace

#8 Wall Got Busted From Water Damage, I Think It Looks Way Better Now

Image source: topredditbot

#9 Fix Broken Mug With Polymer Clay

Image source: Katrin Joonas

#10 Wall Cracks Fixed With Crystallized Geode Installations

Image source: Paige Smith

#11 Artist “Fixes” Broken Wood Furniture With Translucent Materials

Image source: Tatiane Freitas

#12 Cracked Wall Turned Into Camels Journey Through The Desert

Image source: zondag

#13 Fix Ruined Heels With Glitter

Image source: WobiSobi

#14 Russian Urban Interventionist Andrey Syaylev Fixed Library Walls With Old Books

Image source: Andrey Syaylev

#15 Creative Car Owner

#16 Chicago Doesn’t Fix Its Potholes, So This Artist Fixes Them With Ice Cream Mosaics

Image source: Jim Bachor

#17 Chipped And Pitted Sidewalk Repaired With Intricate Patters In Multiple Forms

Image source: NeSpoon PL

#18 Broken Doors Fixed

Image source: oakoak

#19 Cracked iPhone Back? Use Highlighters To “Pimp Yo’ Phone”

Image source: skrillexisokay

#20 Not The Worst Way To Hold Up A Graphics Card

Image source: crushcastles23

#21 Heal Your Jeans With A Monster Mouth Patch

Image source: Lauren

#22 Broken Vases Repaired By Sewing Them With Gold Thread

Image source: Charlotte Bailey

#23 Don’t Have The Money To Fix It? Improvise

Image source: Skullninja

#24 Open Bottom Chairs Have A Chance To Be Useful Again By Repairing Them With Tightened Belts

Image source: sallyannk.com

#25 How To Fix A Cracked Mirror

Image source: Positively Amy

#26 Cover The Cat Scratches On The Sofa With Flea Market Doilies

Image source: Amy Gross

#27 Mend Moth Holes With Cute Patches

Image source: Kristena Derrick

#28 How To “Unbreak” Broken Ceramics With The Ancient Japanese Technique Kintsugi

Image source: One Kings Lane

#29 The Only Way To Fix A Hole In The Wall

Image source: Sundavar_Dreki

#30 DIY Custom Repaired Toms

Image source: ashleyannphotography

#31 Repair Cat Scratches On Couch With The Colored Yarn

Image source: Helena Wroblewska

#32 The Proper Way To Fix A Dent

Image source: BrittEliseBSN

#33 Creative Ways To “Fix” Your Broken Phone Screen

Image source: terry1847035

#34 Bike Seat Repair With Duck Tape

Image source: thecraftyblogstalker.com

#35 Cat-Scratch Fever To Cool Bespangled Couch

Image source: craftster.org

#36 Cracked Sidewalk Repair With Knitted Bricks

Image source:  Luis Malheiro

#37 Roommate Punched A Hole In His Door. I Fixed It

Image source: morrisontheway

#38 Broken Ceramics Repaired With Embroidery

Image source: Michelle Taylor

#39 Potholes Filled With Braided Strips Of Colourful Fabric

Image source: Juliana Santacruz Herrera

#40 Creative Parchment Repair In Medieval Books

Image source: Erik Kwakkel


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