20 Funny Memes Inspired By Selena Gomez’s New Photo

Published 10 months ago

No matter what she does, the world somehow ends up obsessing about Selena Gomez. This time around a random photo posted on her socials inspired folks to kick off a veritable meme-off. 

The image, which shows 31-year-old pop singer Selena wrapped in a blanket and serenely sitting in a brown study capture, has inspired witty comments, hilarious observations, and amusing remarks galore. Scroll for some of the most entertaining takes the image has inspired amongst the online communities, which we’ve shared in the gallery below. 

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Image source: SLAYLLENA


Image source: AlaricPrins


Image source: BirimumaasoR


Image source: JerseyShade


Image source: n1aisjustabxtch


Image source: L0b4wwlz


Image source: LucasPJohn


Image source: _uncle_gworl


Image source: buwygibrd


Image source: bxrner_acc


Image source: Blitheringmikey


Image source: mma1s1ee


Image source: _Robin_C_


Image source: Targ_Nation


Image source: TheGreatIsNate


Image source: singfromthehair


Image source: imthebrownboy


Image source: theshahnama


Image source: BreatheBluee


Image source: TySunderland

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