25 Times People Shared Simple Life Hacks That Might Actually Be Helpful

Published 2 months ago

Life hacks have become an integral part of our daily routines, offering ingenious solutions to everyday problems. The internet is a treasure trove of tips and tricks shared by individuals from around the world, making our lives easier and more efficient.

In this article, we’ll explore this Reddit thread where people shared simple life hacks that might actually be helpful in enhancing various aspects of your daily life.

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If ordering something online, since places can fake a good review, only read the negative reviews, a bunch of complaining about shipping/damaged items/trivial s**t is good, where as multiple broke in the first week/won’t charge/leaks means the product is s**t.

Image source: Smackulater, PhotoMIX Company


Image source: AurelianoTampa, Yaroslav Shuraev

When you finish a bath or shower, before toweling off, rub your hands over your body like a windshield wiper in a car to get off excess water. You brush off a ton of water, meaning there’s a lot less to towel off after and less dripping into the floor. Takes only a few seconds and keeps your bathroom from getting soaked while you dry yourself with a towel.


Image source: SuvenPan, Peter Olexa

To increase your peace of mind don’t waste your time arguing with random strangers on internet.


Image source: TheNinjaPixie, Ingo Joseph

I am extremely organized except where my keys were concerned. I lost them several times a week. Then I saw the comedian Jon Richardson saying that people with keys are “putters” or “leavers” I was a leaver, leaving my keys lying around so i decided to be a putter. As soon as I get in i PUT my keys straight into my bag. It seems so stupid but it totally works and has saved me a lot of stress!


Image source: Corecenter, JESHOOTS.com

When driving for long periods. Turn off recirculating air. One of the reasons you get tired in the car is not from lack of sleep but from too much co2 in the car. You ever been so tired driving home and when you get home you’re no longer tired. It’s because of lack of oxygen in the car. Especially if you have passengers in the car.


Image source: Rarefindofthemind, Snack Toronto

If you want a comfortable pair of high heels, invest in a pair of dance heels.

Lots of beautiful designs and colors, designed to be flexible and comfortable. Worth every penny.

Just make sure they’re not felt-soled if you plan on wearing them outdoors. A good quality pair from a company like Repetto are worth getting rubber-soled if they aren’t already.

Your feet will thank you.

ETA: So glad some of you found this helpful. My mother has permanent foot deformation from wearing heels daily since 1977 and my discovery of wearing dance heels was born out of my desire to look elegant but avoid pain and disfigurement!


Image source: sunbearimon, Karolina Grabowska

Percentages are reversible. Working out 4% of 50 will give you the same result as 50% of 4


Image source: LadyAlexTheDeviant, Nadin Sh

My grandmother always said that if you feel terrible, get out of bed, take a shower, do your hair and put on clothes, down to your shoes, and have a good meal. Either this will fix it or you’re dressed and fed and in a better place to deal with the problem.

She was right.


Image source: bex021, Susanne Jutzeler, suju-foto

Buy a bunch of the same style and color socks and you never have to match socks again. I have a drawer with just socks, and every time I reach in and grab two…I have a pair of matching socks. Game changer.


Image source: FriedChickenDinners, Jeff Sheldon

When looking at recipes online, click the print link. This cuts out the unnecessary backstory and random musings. You can also save the recipe as a PDF to your computer or even just the link to the printable version.


Image source: Gai_InKognito, Lukas

Library cards are worth their weight in gold.

My physical library comes with (mostly for free)

* Tool rentals
* laptop rentals
* studio rental space (video cameras, audio equipment)
* 3D printer usage in library
* woodshop
* sewing kits
* free classes
* This with the usual book rentals

Digitally/web-wise, my library card comes with

* Digital movie checkout
* Hoopla
* Libby
* kanopy
* Free subscription to skillshare
* Free subscription to linkedin learning (lynda if you’re old)
* free ebook app
* free online courses (very limited though)
* Udemy
* Language learning apps
* Virtual Workshops

Along with other community events for people of all ages. Everyone should get a library card.
*Edit to add other prominent features mentioned*


Image source: CMYKawa, icon0 com

If you have an itchy mosquito bite, hear up a spoon under semi-hot water (like 45-50°C), dry it off and tap or press it on the bite. Just as short as you can tolerate it but also as long as possible.

The heat dissolves the protein that makes the mosquito bite itch.


Image source: RedShiz, Andrea Piacquadio

Spend an hour finding something in your house? When you are done with it put it in the first place you looked.


Image source: tonycocacola, Ron Lach

Store cans of baked beans upside down so you don’t have to scrape them out the bottom when you open the can.


Image source: i-sleep-well, Karine Monteiro

If you’re making coffee in an automatic drip coffee maker, especially a cheap one, leaving a little bit of water in the carafe (about an ounce ir so) will significantly improve the flavor.

It prevents the first bit of brewed coffee from becoming scorched from the hot plate and flavoring the entire pot.


Image source: Elrond_Cupboard_, Victor Freitas

Create a routine for BEFORE exercise. I do the exact same things every time I go to the gym. When I’m not motivated, those little pre workout habits just trigger me into action.


Image source: marid4061, Blue Bird

Hack 1: When you paint a room and remove the light switch plate, on the inside of the plate write down the color of the paint you used and the brand. Great for when you need to repaint a spot a couple of years later.

Hack 2: After you wash and dry a set of sheets, put the top sheet, bottom sheet and pillow case all inside of one of the pillow cases. Then you have the whole set together in one neat little package and don’t have to look for matching sheets and pillow cases.


Image source: rhinofeet, Karolina Grabowska

If you get something that comes with a unique charger/power cable, label it with what it’s for.


Image source: The-Proud-Snail, George Milton

Always write down momentarily good ideas. Don’t lean on your memory


Image source: trueselfhere, Keira Burton

Never gossip no matter how much you dislike a person. It can be really helpful in particular at work when that person you dislike and you consider to be dumber to actually save your a*s in certain situation rather than have him/her as your rival.

I keep receiving gossips from various colleagues about others and always pretend to never know anything while I know lots of details and I agree with many of these sometimes.

This is really helpful in your career being neutral and have people not being against you.


Image source: zerbey, Alex Green

From working technical support for longer than I dare think about, most angry customers just want to be heard. Let them have their rant, do active listening, and make notes about what they’re saying. They will eventually run out of steam. Then, read back everything they talked about and go through it step by step. Works almost every time, and often they are very thankful by the end of the call.


Image source: Sendmedoge, cottonbro studio

If you’re putting together furniture, leave all the screws a little loose.

Finish the whole thing.

Place it where its going to be.

Wiggle it so it settles into place.

THEN tighten all the bolts. No wobble!


Image source: monetarydread, JESHOOTS.com

The 5 minute rule – If you have something that needs doing, and it can be accomplished in 5 minutes, or less, then why not do it immediately?


Image source: Glade_Runner, Marcelo Verfe

Casseroles provide far more servings with far less cost and effort of many other dishes.


Image source: YellHound, Sarah Chai

Sick of losing socks in the laundry? Wash them in one of those mesh garment bags. I never lose them and it’s so much easier to put them away when you’re only sorting through them out of the bag than across the whole pile of shirts and whatever else out of the dryer.

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