10 AI-Generated Images Of What The Simpsons Characters Would Look Like In Human Form

Published 1 year ago

Our favourite hit animated sitcom, The Simpsons, is the latest victim of the AI craze. After all their “way ahead of its time futuristic predictions” it seems only fitting that the famed characters get an AI makeover. 

The creator used Midjourney to reinvent the beloved yellow family and their neighbours using AI to assume what these characters would look like in real life and the results are fascinating.  

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#1 Lisa Simpson

#2 Homer Simpson

#3 Marge Simpson

#4 Bart Simpson

#5 Ned Flanders

#6 Milhouse Van Houten

#7 Nelson Muntz

#8 Principal Skinner

#9 Edna Krabappel

#10 Mr. Burns

Shanilou Perera

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