Solar Flower Punch Cups

Published 7 years ago

These Solar Luminaries are made from small vintage glass Punch Cups reclaimed from my local Landfill, that I hand paint with the same high temp paint that I have been using on my hand painted projecting Light Bulbs for 20 years. It is a water base color that is permanent and weather resistant once cured. I find these glasses at the recycle center at the dump. Many times I find a whole Punch bowl full of Punch Cups that were left over from an estate sale.

Even tho I sometimes find multiples of the same Punch Cup, I hand paint each one so these Luminaries are one of a kind and will most likely vary somewhat from the photos. The photos show a variety of examples of the effects similar to what you will receive. All are unique and beautiful!

When they light up automatically at night time each one creates a one of a kind stained glass effect by projecting the painted colors and images from the painting along with the textured patterns from the glass onto the surface it illuminates!!!(i.e. patio table, deck railing, etc)

The Solar powered LEDs are sourced from local landfills too, from old yard lights that people threw away when they weren’t lighting up anymore. Most of them would have worked again if the rechargeable battery inside was changed but many people don’t realize they have batteries even tho they are solar powered so the whole path light gets thrown ‘away’ batteries and all. *THESE ARE NOT CHEAP STORE BOUGHT SOLAR LIGHTS THAT I THROW AWAY THE PARTS I DONT WANT LIKE MANY OTHER ‘RECYCLED OR REPURPOSED SOLAR LIGHTS’!!!* I find these solar yard lights at my recycle center at the dump, recycle the batteries, refurbish the solar charging units, often times even rebuilding the circuit boards. I reuse all of the parts from the discarded Solar Lights that I can!

So the only parts of these Luminaries that are not Reclaimed from my local landfills are the Paint and new high quality rechargeable batteries, plus sometimes I relplace the whole circuit board with ones that I put together myself on custom designed PCBs!

Each piece is totally unique and variations from the pics in size, shape, pattern, and brightness should be expected. They like at least 4 hours of bright, direct Sunlight and fully charge in 8 hours.

These average from:

-3 – 4.5 inches in diameter and 3 – 4 inches tall

-1.5 – 4.5 Lumens

-350 – 900 Mah AAA – AA rechargeable batteries

– 6-12 hours per night on an 8 hour charge

Hand-Painted Solar Luminaries from ALL Reclaimed materials are my own ORIGINAL creation.

*I guarantee my paint will NEVER melt, burn, fade, peel, crack, bubble, smoke, smell, etc… EVER! It will NOT emit any sort of toxic fumes or offgas in any way.*


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