30 Of The Most Interesting Halloween Decorations To Surprise Your Neighbors

Published 2 years ago

Halloween is coming, and if you live in the US, you are probably looking for some interesting and spooky ways to decorate your house. After all, it’s the time to show your creativity in the neighborhood.

From Stranger Things-themed decor to zombie apocalypse, we have collected some really cool Halloween ideas that might give you some inspiration to create your haunted house. Check them out in the gallery below.

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#1 My Grandma Sent Me A Picture Of Her Halloween Decorations This Year

Image source: Turd_Ferguson15

#2 To Have Fun With A Halloween Decoration

Image source: i-like-to-be-wooshed

#3 I Have Wanted To Make These Since I Was A Kid. I Love Halloween

Image source: jarsofbuttons

#4 May Not Have A House But I’ve Got A Balcony

Image source: ion360

#5 Zombie Attack! I Wrapped Friends In Duct Tape And Stuffed The Forms To Make This Halloween Display

Image source: kevinb773

#6 The Coolest Halloween Decoration I’ve Ever Seen

Image source: Mellersby

#7 Halloween Decoration From Melbourne, Australia

Image source: ExpertAccident

#8 I’m Loving This Kitty Moon Wreath I Made

Image source: jess41378

#9 My Neighbor’s Halloween Decorations

Image source: juangusta

#10 Pumpkins + Skeletons + A Kraken Makes Pumpkin Spice?

Image source: krakenhousenola

#11 Happy Halloween From Hawkins

Image source: laura.g.kaschak.author

#12 It Didn’t Feel Like October In Salem

Image source: halloweenhorrorghoul

#13 My Halloween Decoration Collaboration I Made. Ghostbusters And Ghostface

Image source: Patrick_Gorman

#14 Every Year We Go All Out On Decorating For Halloween. Last Year We Built A Giant Spider Den, This Year We Got A Case Of The Worms

Image source: worm666food

#15 Where’s Freddy? Oh, There He Is. He’s Just Melting

Image source: DetectiveBukket

#16 I Finally Finished My Newest Halloween Decoration. Audrey From “Little Shop Of Horrors”

Image source: hotdogehangover

#17 Why We Can’t Use This Halloween Decoration Anymore

Image source: Summer-xwx

#18 Anti-Vaxxer Reunion For This Year’s Halloween

Image source: iAmAwesom3

#19 My 12ft Eddie Munson With A 9ft Guitar. Happy Halloween

Image source: Zakkattack86

#20 Sick Beetlejuice Display In My Neighborhood

Image source: circa10a

#21 One Of The Best Halloween Decorations I Saw This Year

Image source: gary6043

#22 I Glued Empty Cardboard Boxes Together, Glued Dollar Tree Plastic Halloween Decor All Over It, And Spray Painted It All Black

Image source: Witch_Ever

#23 Happy Halloween

Image source: LimJahey504

#24 Decorator Of The Year Award Goes To

Image source: WillOfTheLand

#25 Welcome To The Pumpkinshire

Image source: kjp

#26 Heres A Pic Of A Teeny (6in) Graveyard Terrarium I Made For Halloween

Image source: Bantam_earth

#27 My Brother And Sister-In-Law Put Together The Most Epic Halloween Decorations Every Year

Image source: NWAConsulting, NWAConsulting

#28 Halloween Decorations At My House Have Gotten Much Better Since My Son Suggested A Spider Theme

Image source: Atrampoline

#29 I Got To Love It When An Entire Block Gets Into The Spirit And Decorates For A Holiday

Image source: an_uptown_girl

#30 My Neighbor Does Not Mess Around When It Comes To His Halloween Decorations

Image source: juniejunicorn

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