20 Of The Scariest Pics That Can Trigger The Phobia Of Man-Made Things Submerged In Water

Published 11 months ago

Submechanophobia or the fear of man-made objects partially submerged by water, is a real fear that many people experience, and it’s not hard to see why. There are some unnerving pics out there that can make even the bravest person want to run in the opposite direction. From abandoned factories to underwater machinery, these images can evoke a sense of dread and discomfort that is hard to shake. 

For those who suffer from this condition the subreddit, ‘Submechanophobia‘ may be a bit much to handle. It’s important to remember that everyone has their own fears and phobias, and it’s okay to avoid things that make us uncomfortable. So if you’re someone who gets spooked by mechanical objects in water or abandoned industrial sites, don’t feel bad about steering clear of these sunken ships and flooded mines amongst other spooky things. 

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#1 Shipwreck In Australia

Image source: idksagen

#2 I Thought This Belonged Here. The First Ever Underwater Photo, Taken In 1899 By Louis Boutan:

Image source: PanikDizordr

#3 A Cabin On Board The Aachen, A 19th-Century Steamship Hit By A Torpedo In July 1915. Now Located At The Bottom Of The Baltic Sea

Image source: fullerwarrenSUPwatch

#4 Titanic. So Scary And Beautiful At The Same Time

Image source: TuuFiQ

#5 A Chucky Doll, Discovered At The Bottom Of A Lake By A Police Diving Team

Image source: SaltMill

#6 Museum Of Underwater Art In Australia

Image source: General-Desk-668

#7 Old Submerged Small Town In Brazil

Image source: afrika1308

#8 Abandoned Mine Shaft

Image source: Common-Reputation434

#9 A Ladder In A Flooded Quarry

Image source: Common-Reputation434

#10 Submerged Park Bench

Image source: _ForestDragons_

#11 Remnants Of A Mine That Shut Down 136 Years Ago. Silver Islet, Ontario

Image source: Fisqueta

#12 A Human Compared To A Ship Propeller

Image source: Ok_Historian_881

#13 Jet Star Roller Coaster Once Sat On Casino Pier In Seaside Hights, Nj. Until It Was Swept Out Into The Atlantic In 2012 By Hurricane Sandy

Image source: lakotaann

#14 Fluch Des Pharao – Water Ride In Germany

Image source: grizzzlybrr

#15 Naval Mines Are Terrifying

Image source: ShufflingOffACliff

#16 Found A Sunken Ship On Google Maps While Exploring The North Sentinel Island, Home To A Tribe Who Hasn’t Had Contact With Modern Civilisation

Image source: kachasingh

#17 Set The Anchor

Image source: Born_Purchase_994

#18 Here Lies Submerged A Whole Village. Visible Remains Only The Tower’s Roof Of The Submerged Church

Image source: Novatini

#19 Staircase In Hell

Image source: _ForestDragons_

#20 Submerged Dock

Image source: sebastiansaccount

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