10 Times This Artist Created Transparent Colorful Flowers That Reflect Light In A Magical Way

Published 2 years ago

Samantha Yates is an artist based in Shipley, West Yorkshire who specializes in creating stained glass objects. Her mesmerizing flower bouquets might make you stop for a moment and admire the magic of the reflection of light through colorful stained glasses. She works with copper foil techniques and experiments with many other materials and techniques. In an exclusive interview with DeMilked, Samantha said, “I enjoy the challenge of recreating a 3D object using 2D material and techniques.”

The artist learned the art of ‘stained glass’ many years ago and she finished a ‘Therapeutic course’ around 4 years ago. Samantha started creating these stained glass products during her role as a part-time Horticulture tutor. She revealed, “They told us ‘humans are so genetically programmed to interact with nature that we feel satisfaction when we strip seeds from a stalk of grass.’ That blew my mind so I started making grasses and one grass has progressed into sweet peas, honesty seed pods and so much more.”

As Samantha writes on her website, her purpose is to create beautiful glass flowers to share emotions of love, joy, and appreciation. We are sure that her wonderful creations would mesmerize you and make you happy, scroll below to see 10 pics of her awesome stained flower designs.

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Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass

The artist also shared with us what she loves the most about creating these flowers and what keeps her dedicated to this art form- “I love glass, the colours, the transparency, the reflections, you can hold a piece of colour in your hand. I like to use mouth blown glass, it has a quality about it.”


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass

She also expressed her love for botanical forms and said, “Botanical patterns are so very pleasing, specimens are often identical but with tiny little imperfections separating them, I find them calming in the chaos of modern life yet like a weed growing on the pavement, so optimistic, its the sheer beauty, the complex form perfectly designed for function just overlooked.”


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass

When we asked Samantha about her creative process, this is how she described it- “I think for a long time about a stem/ flower I want to make, I look at specimens, on rare occasions I sketch on a ‘post it note’ but most of the time I just go ahead and start cutting the glass. I’m lost in the process, it makes me very happy. It ticks lots of boxes in my brain.”


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass


Image source: Lil Rabbitfoot Stained Glass

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