Stainless Steel Railings Vs Wooden Railings

Published 8 years ago

Are stainless steel railings better than their wooden counterparts? The answer lies in what you want for your home.

For a house to become a home, all its elements must seamlessly come together to display warmth, grace and unity in terms of design and structure and most importantly, longevity. For most people, the first house or apartment that they build or buy will be the place where they will spend the rest of their days with their loved ones. Therefore, every element of the house should be planned to the very last details.

Today, we will discuss railings that are used in staircases and balconies. Yes, you can get a railing made out to different materials including stainless steel and wood. But how do stainless steel railings stack up against wooden railings?

Stainless steel railings are shielded against natural destructive forces

Whether it is stainless steel balcony railings or a stainless steel staircase railing, these products are protected against the vagaries of nature that include, dust, water seepage and bacterial attacks. Wooden railings on the other hand will require a lot of upkeep, right from being polished at regular intervals to treating the wood with chemicals so that they can be protected against attacks from pests. There is no such bother with stainless steel railing designs. The material is shielded and will be not be affect by rain or dust. Simply by regularly wiping those with a cleaner will ensure that they retain their original form and sheen.

Stainless steel railings cost less

Because these railings are manufactured using material thatis abundantly found and also in factories in an assembly line fashion, the end product will cost less. Wooden railings on the other hand will cost more depending on the type of wood, the workmanship involved and the sourcing of other material.

Stainless steel railings are easy to install

The stainless steel railing design will ensure that it can be easily installed. For example, the whole unit can be simply assembly on site. Nothing needs to be built at the site of installation. Wooden railings on the other hand will in all probability be built in your home causing interference with your day-to-day activities. Moreover, the transportation of a wooden railing will cost more because wood can break. On the other hand, for example, stainless steel staircase railing designs factor in the ease of installation and the railings are built in such a way that they can be easily assembled.

There is another important factor that you need to consider before investing in a wooden railing if you so decide. Wood is a natural resource and types on wood such as oak and mahogany are treasures of the forest. Deforestation is the result of wood being incorporated into many things including building homes. You may just think that one railing will not affect ecology a lot but a step from your side will ensure the safety of at least one tree.

We all want our houses to look and feel good. Stainless steel is being incorporated into building design because it looks good and also lasts long. Moreover, it does not put a lot of pressure on natural resources.

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stainless steel staircase railing designs

stainless steel staircase railing designs

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